Friday, December 18, 2009

It's finally feeling like Christmas

Yes, school is done, work is done (til January), and were going home in 2 days!! That means instead of thinking about all of the crazy school work I have to get done, I can start thinking more about Christmas!! I am so excited and happy that I get to see my family in two days! My mom called today and said that they are suppose to get a huge snow storm starting tonight sometime and its suppose to snow 14-20 inches between now and Sunday!! That's crazy, Maryland and VA hasn't gotten that much snow for so long! I hope it doesn't affect our traveling. We leave Sunday morning at 10am and I want to get into Maryland at the intented time 4pm! Last Christmas we got stuck in Las Vegas for ever because their was a lot of rain in California and that's where our plane was coming from! It took forever to get home. I don't want that to happen again. So we will be praying that the snow doesn't affect our travels!!!

I am so happy that I am done with all my classes. I really enjoyed them all this semester. I learned a lot and grew a lot too, but I was getting a little tired of assignment after assignment and test after test! It was time for a break, and this break is much needed. All I can think about is relaxing at home with family and friends who we haven't seen in over a year!! It will be too bad that my oldest sister and her husband wont be able to come up due to their son coming in a few weeks. But we still love them and will miss them very much. I know we will be thinking about them for sure!!!

So only one more semester for Jordan and I! YES that means graduation is almost here and freedom. haha I don't know why I think that life is going to get easier once we finish school! I am just very excited to move to a new place and start somewhere else a new chapter. Jordan is still on the search for internships. He has been doing a lot of applications and he hopes to stop by some places in DC when we are home to talk to them personally! Hopefully that will get him in somewhere!Well that's all for now, I will be updating soon so I can tell everyone about our trip and how much fun we have. Ill take pictures too, I always like reading blogs when there are pictures to look at. Its so much fun!! okay until next time!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!!

We had a whole week off of school last week! It was absolutly great!! I am so refreshed, I still don't really want to go to school tomorrow but only three more weeks then we get to fly home to see our families. We had a really fun relaxing week. We were in Vegas for a few days and that was a lot of fun! We slept a lot, walked around and enjoyed the warmer weather. It wasn't super warm but a lot warmer than Rexburg. A coat was not needed, just a long sleeve shirt or sweater did the trick. We ate at some good resturants. Okay so we went to In N Out burger while we were down there. I had only been once before but it was like 10 years ago so I did not remember what it was like, and Jordan had never been. So we decided to see what all the hype was are you serious that was what everyone was going crazy about..a cheap greesy not very good burger? I know I will probably get a lot of crap because I said that, but honestly it was nothing special. I guess for 2 bucks it was okay but I'd rather go to five guys and get my arteries clogged there. :) haha. Anyway that was our In N Out experience. Jordan liked it, but he likes anything that is greesy and on a bun. We stayed at the stratosphere hotel on the strip. It was cool we got to go to the top for free. We didn't end up riding the rollar coasters everytime we thought about doing it we had just eaten a big meal and I don't think Las Vegas would of appreciated my meal all over the streets. I also watched this program on the tv about the rollar coasters and it made me really scared so I was glad we didn't do it.

Thanksgiving was fun with Jordan's side of the family. I had been with them before but I think since I feel more like the family now since we have been married longer I was more interactive with them and could talk to them more. They are really fun and so funny also. We ended up having Thanksgiving dinner on Friday because Jordan's uncle David couldn't make it until Thursday night and we wanted him to be there. So Thursday we just snacked on lots of good food and ate Marie Calander Pies. Yum Yum. Then Friday we had our feast, and BOY was it a feast. Lots of good food, and the sweet poatoes of my goodness they were heavenly! Also the apple pie was AMAZING. Jordan's Aunt Marsha Made it and it was divine. I want more of it. Enough talk about the food. Im getting hungry.

It was different not to be with my family but we talked to them a lot on the phone. My parents and younger sister Jenney went down to TN to visit my oldest sister Carole Ann and her husband Jon. Carole Ann is due in January so she couldn't travel. They had thanksgiving down there with my mom's brother and his wife and two girls. I was a little jealous I couldn't be there but thats okay. Next year maybe we will all be together! Anyway the point of my telling you all this is that my family was over at Target by my sister's house and guess who they saw...Anyone wanna take a guess? Taylor Swift!! Isn't that so cool!! yeah and she got a picture with her! They sent it to me! I was super jealous at this point. I don't even really listen to her all that much just the songs she has on the radio...actually thats like her whole album but still I wanna meet someone famous. It was good for my little sis, she loves Taylor Swift so she was really excited!! Okay well that was pretty much our vacation in a nut shell. Only three more weeks of school and then maybe I will blog again.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving Break.....

So I know I haven't posted in so long but my camera wont let my pictures load onto my computer. I hate posting when I have no pictures to show. But I didn't even get to blog about halloween or anything! Oh well I feel like I can't even blog about that now because it was like a month ago. Its Thanksgiving next week and we are so excited for break!! Only two more days until we get a week off of school!! I am so excited. I have been doing lots of homework to get ready for our great Thanksgiving vacation. Here is the plan so far...

Sunday: Leave for Utah. Spend time with my brother David and hang out
Monday: Drive to VEGAS!!! yesssssssss were going to Vegas for three days Monday-Thursday we will be playing in Vegas.
Thursday: TURKEY DAY!!! Drive to Cedar City and spend Thanksgiving with Jordan's Grandma, sister, mom, aunts, uncles, and anyone else...I'm not really sure who's gonna be there. As long as there is Turkey then I'm there!! haha
Friday: who knows but def eat left overs and maybe go shopping?
Saturday/Sunday not sure but start our journey back to the great place of Rexburg

Wow what a week! I cannot wait! We are staying at the stratosphere this time we will be in Vegas and Jordan really wants to ride the roller coaster at the top! That looks so scary. We will see if I do it!! If anyone has any fun things they know to do in Vegas that are not too expensive let me know! Well I hope my computer will stop being dumb next week so I can load our pictures of our adventure!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Utah and it!

So this past weekend Jordan, Laura, and myself took a trip down to Utah. It was great fun. We met my dad there, and my oldest sister and her husband their to play play play!!! So here is how our weekend went:

Friday: Plan to leave around 2:oo pm. Jordan decided we needed to make a quick stop at walmart to get somethings....little did I know he wanted to get Transformers to watch in the car. Well since he was getting a present I needed one too. YAY for Michael Buble's new CD!! I listened to it pretty much the whole way down. It is awesome and I love it, and you should all get it so you can love it too! We finally get to Provo around 7:30. We meet up with dad and brother and head over Brook Oven Pizza. Yum Yum. Carole Ann and Jon were getting in at 1030 so we needed to pick them up. Mission accomplished and we headed back to Provo. Jordan and I stayed at the greatest people's house...Erin and Kasey Johnson. We stayed up talking til about 2 and I had to get to early to take Jordan and my brother David to GAME DAY in the morning.....

Saturday: Alarm goes off at 6:30....kill me I only got 4 hours of sleep. We finally got up at 6:50 and I went to take Jordan and David to the stadium for game day. Got back to Erin's and layed back rings at 745...Dad calls and is ready for me to pick him up to take him to Game day. Do that...go back to Erin's and get ready. Now I am waiting for the boys to call so I can pick them up. Gee what am I everyone's shuttle? Oh don't forget how I get to take Laura my little sister to get her hair cut and then pick up my sister and brother in law to take them back to Provo. So by the time all of this shuttling is over it is only noon. Wow busy day so far. But I didn't mind it, it was fun and who needs sleep anyway right? So after the morning we decided we were rio yep here we come. Then we just went on campus and that evening went to the BYU vs TCU game. We wont talk about that..I'm sure you all know how it went! That evening we went out for more pizza yes we like pizza....and then hit the hay I'M TIRED!

Sunday: SLEEP IN YESSSS!!! Went over to meet the fam for the last time and said our goodbyes took some pictures then headed home. I slept 3 out of the 4 hours I think. It was great! Got home around 6 ate french toast...and let me remind you how I did NO Homework this weekend. Yes don't you love that...until you find out you have 2 quizzes this week and 2 tests...oh crap. Maybe I should be studying instead of blogging....nahhh this is much more needed!!

Pictures will be coming soon. Hope you enjoyed my weekend as much as I did!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Weekend

So this weekend was Super fun!!! We actually did something other than homework. I was able to get all my homework for the weekend done on Friday. It was awesome. So Friday night we decided we wanted to carve a pumpkin so we went and got one. Obviously when picking out a pumpkin you have to find the perfect I was looking for the roundest, the orangest then my wonderful husband insited we get this green one....because it was different and has character I guess? haha hes so funny, so we ended up getting not the orangest...but it was pretty round. After carving our pumpkin we watched the proposal. I love that movie it is so funny. I laughed so hard even though I have already seen it before. I made a big bowl of pop corn and we just had a great time together!!!

Saturday was another fun day. Of course I woke up early and headed to the gym. When I got home Jordan was still sleeping. He needs his beauty rest. :) Jk we did a little bit of homework and then we went out to Idaho Falls. We walked around the green belt got some lunch and just relaxed. It was a beautiful day. We had stake conference Saturday night as well. After stake conference I decided I was going to make my own pumpkin puree for some pumpkin bread. Now I didn't just randomly decided to make pumpkin puree, I have been wanting to do this for a while. Someone at work told me about a great website. ( and I found that there was a recipe for pumpkin puree and I thought it would be fun to try. Wow its a lot more work than opening a can. Its not really hard cause all you do is roast the pumpkin and puree it. But number 1: I don't have great knifes for cutting pumpkin, and 2: I don't have a food processor so I used a potato masher. I tired using my blender but it was taking forever. So I just put some elbow greece into it and got the job done myself. Let me remind you I didn't start this project until 9pm and I also decided I would make bread and muffins also. I got finished around 11:30. It was a lot of fun, I will probably never do it again...well maybe if someone buys me a food processor (hint Christmas hint) I was actually thinking as I was making the puree "I will never do this again.." But then I tasted the bread and decided once I get better knifes and a food processor I'll do it. I am not sure if it was the bread recipe that was so good of if the fresh pumpkin made it that good? I just love pumpkin bread canned or fresh hands down. It was a fun activity and Jordan loves to eat so it was a win win situation. Oh ya and my kitchen kinda looked like a pumpkin bomb went off!!

I am really excited for Halloween. I don't think because its the holiday that I love, but because that means only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving break, and then three more weeks until the semester is over! This coming weekend my dad and older sister Carole Ann and her husband Jon are flying out to Utah so were gonna go down. I will be taking pictures for sure and will definitely post something after that. I'm trying to be better about posting more often. I look at everyone elses blogs and then I look at mine and its so boring compared to others. So I'm working on it! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

we put a candle in it just for this picture
I would feel bad if I burnt all four apts that are
connected to we blew it out after we
took the picture.

haha i thought this was funny.

Ended the night with popcorn and the proposal
(Jordan thought it would be cute to have popcorn
in his mouth while I took the picture...)
The beginning of the project....

After they were roasted...the house smelled so
getting ready to mash

I decided to freeze the leftovers...i probably wont
do this again for a loooong time!

and let me tell you...they were good

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Is Here!!!

I am so excited that it is already October!! The first month of school has gone by so fast, I hope it doesn't stop!! School is busy busy busy!! Its great though. I actually am enjoying this semester! Last semester I couldn't wait for it to be over. This semester is fun and hard at the same time. My health appraisal class is awesome. I get to have a client and help that person develop an exercise program and help her eat well and hopefully by the end of the project there will be a weight loss. I really like this class because this is actually what I want to do with my major. I want to help people change their life and meet their fitness and nutrition goals!! I get to work one hour a week volunteering in the wellness center on campus where I take peoples blood pressure, body composition, Vo2 max, muscular strength and endurance. Its pretty cool!

Jordan is enjoy the semester also. He is super duper busy! He has a lot of computer classes that he has big projects for. He is super smart so its a breeze for him. Well I don't know if its a breeze but I never hear him say his homework is too hard. So I just assume its easy peezy lemon squeezy. :)

We are very excited for October 23rd because we will get to see my dad, sister, brother, and brother in law down in Utah! That's only like 3 weeks away!! SWEET. I haven't seen my big sister and brother in law since Christmas and she is prego now so I am super happy I get to see her all cute and prego. She is due January 11, 2010 so she has a little more to go but def the cutest pregnant sibling in the Premont family...oh ya she is the only pregnant sibling in the Premont Family.

Well I just wanted to update the blog. I don't have any pictures because nothing has really happened where pictures were necessary. If we do something worth while I will bring the camera and post pictures.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

Well school has started again. It is going pretty well so far...we have only had two days of class though. I actually really like my heath science classes so far, I'm not too fond of my child development classes, but that's okay. I am still working so the day goes by pretty fast because I just go to school then work. Jordan is enjoying school also. He wasn't able to do his internship this semester because they had already given it so someone who has been working there longer. So this means we will probably have to stay next summer for him to do his internship on campus.

My mom was also here last week. She came to drip Laura off and see us at school. It was great to see her!! I wish the whole family could have come but that's okay. We will see them in December. I pretty much already have a count down until we go home for Christmas. Its also nice to have Laura back at school. We have been going running together every day. Well I guess that was just a quick update of whats happened lately. Nothing too big. Hopefully my mom will send us some pictures of all of us while she was here and I can post them. Until next time....see ya

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy One Year!

That is Jordan up at the top with his arm raised,
getting ready to jump off.

The boys jumping off the 3rd platform

The happy couple hiking

Jordan suprised me this morning!!

Jordan and I made it, one year down many many many more wonderful years to come! Today is our one year anniversary. I can't believe that one year ago today we were just getting married. The year went by so fast, but so many good memories to think about.

We had a great day, Jordan brought me breakfast in bed, and flowers. Then we went hiking at some cool place, I have no idea where it was but it was so beautiful. We were there for a while enjoying nature and each others company. After that we drove to Idaho falls...made a quick stop at 5 guys to grab a bite for lunch then we went and saw Julie & Julia. It was cute, I'm not sure how much Jordan liked it but he humored me and took me to see it. I want to try to find Julie's blog because the movie was based off of 2 true stories. And I also feel like I need to cook something french with lots of butter. :) After the moive we went and looked around the stores there in IF. We stopped at Michael's and found some cute pictures to put in our frames. We have lived here almost a whole year and just finished decorating! haha at least I finished right?

We were suppose to either go out to a nice finner or come home and make each other a romantic dinner but we are still full from lunch so I don't think that's going to happen. I'm sure I'll be hungry around 10 o'clock and just randomly eat the whole kitchen. :) So that's how today went. It was really nice and I have enjoyed that past 365 + days I have spent with my loving husband! Hes the best!!!

On a side note, David came up one day this week and we went to Lava Hot Springs. I haven't been there in probably 10 years. It was a lot of fun, and YES I did jump off one of the was only the 1st one but it was still really scary. Jordan and David jumped off all three of them! They are crazy boys with no fear. There was an old guy there doing crazy flips off all the diving boards and plat forms. I was very impressed.

School starts back up in a few weeks. I'm kinda ready but not really. I'm mostly just excited to see my sister and mom when they come out. And the closer that it starts the closer the end of the semester is. Then we can go home for Christmas and only have one semester until graduation! Yay wont that be fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Little Vacation!

So school is out, and we just got home from vacation. We first went to Salt Lake to see Jordan's sister Dani. That was fun. We just hung out and went out to eat, then we went down to Provo to see my brother David. We hung out with him and went to a yummy BBQ place where David much enjoyed the wings. haha jk we told him to do that (see picture below) We went to Brandon and Michelles wedding on Tuesday and had a great time. Then Wednesday morning bright and early Jordan left to go fishing and camping with his dad and grandpa. I decided to stay in Provo with David and hang out with him and my good friend Anjuli. I slept a lot, ate lots of ice cream, and played! I went to all of David's inter mural games. It was fun but its good to be back home. Jordan and myself just started new jobs yesterday. I'm working in the admissions office and Jordan is doing networking stuff with the computers on campus. It feels good to finally have a job again. well until next time...enjoy the pictures!

Jordan with the Palmer boys

This is me and Anjuli watching David's soft ball game!

Jordan and me waiting after the wedding!

David really enjoyed the wings!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!!!!

Yay school is finally over. I feel like these past two weeks I have been a chicken running around with my head cut off. I'm so happy its finally over! What a huge relief! And something even better. I GOT A JOB!! not just working at world gym teaching classes but I will be working in the Admissions office on campus starting in August! Yay isn't that so exciting. On Saturday we are leaving to go down to Utah for a week. That will be fun to get away for a while. I will be taking new pictures so hopefully there will be some good ones to post when I get back.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SIX more days of school!!!

Oh my gosh! School is finally almost over!! WAHOO. I am soo excited! I only have to take 6 tests in 6 days...great! haha thats okay I just keep telling myself one more week and then its over, well at least until September! Only one more day of waking up at 530 to teach aerobics also! But do you want to know something cool, world gym is hiring me as an instructor their starting next week once my internship is over. I will be teaching pump it and spinning. I am excited cause I will actually be getting paid for something. I have been searching for a job and cannot seem to find one yet. I am still waiting to hear back from places. I want one over the seven week break but mostly for the fall semester!

So yesterday we got a fun surprise, Jordan's mom came up to see us for a few days. She has been visiting Utah and family their and took a quick trip up to Rexburg to say hello to her favorite son and favorite daughter-in-law! Shes been fun to have here. We haven't seen her since Christmas time.

Well hopefully once we are out of school more exciting things will happen to us so I can post it on my blog for all to read! (cause I know so many people read my blog...) well until next time...see ya!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Fun!!!

These are the flowers we got and set cant really see them very well
but there are really cute!!!

We had a very eventful weekend slash Fourth of July. We saw transformers...which we really liked. Jordan's grandparents came to town for the night. They took us to dinner then we played games all night. It was really fun! Then Saturday the fourth we did the Except this time was different. I caught a huge whopper...or as Jordan likes to say RIVER MONSTER!!! it was fun, usually when I go fishing with Jordan I just sit, read, text, anything but fish. But this time I was like what the heck let me try. I caught two baby one then the big whopper came! It was so fun. Then after we came home we went to IF and were planning on going to see the fireworks. Jordan wanted to stop by home depot first so he could get some stuff to make a fishing pole holder (of course he would do that..) Then I saw all the pretty flowers and pot planters and we decided we needed to bring our front porch to life with flowers. After we got everything we wanted I was too excited about my flowers to wait three more hours to see the fireworks. We decided to go home and put them together which took all of 10 min. haha So we just had a low key night at home. It was fun, and relaxing...but now its Monday and back to reality. That okay only three more weeks of school! Yay I can't wait for this semester to be OVER!!!!!

This is the baby fishy I caught..we let him go
he was too cute to keep.

Jordan wanted to hold MY river monster

This is the River Monster.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend to Vegas

Jordan and I on the Strip for a walk!

At the Pool at the hotel (excalibur)

Jordan playing his favorite game at the arcade
(we had to spend our money some how :)

yay for vegas at night!!!

waiting for the Mirage volcano show to start!!

So we had a pretty spontaneous weekend!! Friday at 5 when Jordan got home from work we were trying to decide what to do for the night. Then Jordan was like lets just go to Vegas! So we joked about it for a minute...then we were like okay we have to! So at about 10pm on Friday night we hit the road. We drove until 3 Am then decided to stop for a quick nap. Woke up at 6Am and got back on the road and made it to Vegas at 9am Saturday morning! It was such a fun weekend. We went to the pool everyday, went to see a movie, walked around the strip, went to an arcade, saw a she man, saw a lady wearing a fanny pack, ate lots of good food, and just had a great time enjoying the hot sun!!!

The drive home wasn't too bad either. I drove from Cedar City all the way to Rexburg. I have never in my life driven for that long. It was fun, Jordan had some homework to do so I got the privilege of driving!! I just put on my music and sang all the way home!!! I LOVE VEGAS. I totally want to go back soon!

P.s. Thanks Nikki for letting me know how to post pictures, now you all can enjoy our trip to Vegas too!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How about a VaCaTiOn?!?!

Well it is getting a lot warmer here in Rexburg! It is totally making me not want to be in school even more than I do now! Schools not that bad, I'm just jealous of everyone who is off track or is graduated! My time will come soon though! So I was looking at flights online today and you can get some cheap flights to some places! It makes me want to go somewhere during the 7 week break!! Maybe I can convince Jordan to take me somewhere besides the river to go fishing!

Memorial day is soon, and I think were going fishing! If its warm and not windy outside it should be fine, but other than that I will probably convince Jordan to do something else...he usually wins though. I never have any better ideas so we usually just fish! At least we catch dinner sometimes!
Well I am going to go enjoy this warm weather while we have it...who knows when it will leave its Rexburg!!!

P.s. Can someone tell me how to add pictures to my posts?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Yay it's mothers day! I wish I was at home to personally tell my Mom to have a happy mothers day but I guess over the phone and through my blog will have to do! I am so grateful for my mom and all that she has ever done for me! I don't think she will ever understand the influence she has had on me! She is such a wonderful lady and a amazing Mom. I also have to give a shout out to my mother-in-law! She obviously did an amazing job raising Jordan (as you can tell by being in his presence) I am grateful for her as well and the great things she has taught Jordan!

When I called home today to wish my mom a happy happy day my oldest sister answered the phone! At first I had to double check who I called because she doesn't live at home anymore! Then I realized she went home for the weekend to see my mom! I was so jealous!! Her and Jon decided to drive up on Friday after work and surprise my mom! Mom if I was in driving distance Jordan and I would of done the same! :) Well I just want to wish all the Mom's a Happy Mothers Day and we are all very grateful for everything you do!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Day...

This feels like the longest week..its only Tuesday!!! I was telling Jordan today that I wish I was graduated. Then I was thinking what will I do with my life after I'm done with school. First we are getting out of Rexburg..then I don't really care as long as I don't have homework!!! :) So my kickboxing classes have gone well this week. I teach two more times. Its fun but so tiring. Good thing I have Jordan go give me back massages!!! Anyway I think I am just babbling now...hopefully something exciting in my life will happen so I can update everyone on it!! Until next time...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Finally I learned how to make a blog. Much thanks to Jessica Bates. :) I am so excited to have a blog, now I can keep up with all my married friends and have something to do when I am bored!! Ok so there is not much to read right now but Im gonna go try to figure out how to make our blog pretty!!! Yay!!!