Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!!

We had a whole week off of school last week! It was absolutly great!! I am so refreshed, I still don't really want to go to school tomorrow but only three more weeks then we get to fly home to see our families. We had a really fun relaxing week. We were in Vegas for a few days and that was a lot of fun! We slept a lot, walked around and enjoyed the warmer weather. It wasn't super warm but a lot warmer than Rexburg. A coat was not needed, just a long sleeve shirt or sweater did the trick. We ate at some good resturants. Okay so we went to In N Out burger while we were down there. I had only been once before but it was like 10 years ago so I did not remember what it was like, and Jordan had never been. So we decided to see what all the hype was are you serious that was what everyone was going crazy about..a cheap greesy not very good burger? I know I will probably get a lot of crap because I said that, but honestly it was nothing special. I guess for 2 bucks it was okay but I'd rather go to five guys and get my arteries clogged there. :) haha. Anyway that was our In N Out experience. Jordan liked it, but he likes anything that is greesy and on a bun. We stayed at the stratosphere hotel on the strip. It was cool we got to go to the top for free. We didn't end up riding the rollar coasters everytime we thought about doing it we had just eaten a big meal and I don't think Las Vegas would of appreciated my meal all over the streets. I also watched this program on the tv about the rollar coasters and it made me really scared so I was glad we didn't do it.

Thanksgiving was fun with Jordan's side of the family. I had been with them before but I think since I feel more like the family now since we have been married longer I was more interactive with them and could talk to them more. They are really fun and so funny also. We ended up having Thanksgiving dinner on Friday because Jordan's uncle David couldn't make it until Thursday night and we wanted him to be there. So Thursday we just snacked on lots of good food and ate Marie Calander Pies. Yum Yum. Then Friday we had our feast, and BOY was it a feast. Lots of good food, and the sweet poatoes of my goodness they were heavenly! Also the apple pie was AMAZING. Jordan's Aunt Marsha Made it and it was divine. I want more of it. Enough talk about the food. Im getting hungry.

It was different not to be with my family but we talked to them a lot on the phone. My parents and younger sister Jenney went down to TN to visit my oldest sister Carole Ann and her husband Jon. Carole Ann is due in January so she couldn't travel. They had thanksgiving down there with my mom's brother and his wife and two girls. I was a little jealous I couldn't be there but thats okay. Next year maybe we will all be together! Anyway the point of my telling you all this is that my family was over at Target by my sister's house and guess who they saw...Anyone wanna take a guess? Taylor Swift!! Isn't that so cool!! yeah and she got a picture with her! They sent it to me! I was super jealous at this point. I don't even really listen to her all that much just the songs she has on the radio...actually thats like her whole album but still I wanna meet someone famous. It was good for my little sis, she loves Taylor Swift so she was really excited!! Okay well that was pretty much our vacation in a nut shell. Only three more weeks of school and then maybe I will blog again.