Friday, November 26, 2010


First off I have to say congrats to the Sherwood Varsity Cheer Squad for taking 1st place at competition!!! This is my little sister Jenney and me after they won 1st place!!!!

Now on to Thanksgiving!!

It was a great day!!! We made a TON of food! There was only 5 of us. We went up to my parents house about half hour north of where we live. It was my mom, dad, sister, and Jordan and I. We had a great time hanging out together and eating til we about popped!

Here is some pictures in no particular order.

This is right before we ate dinner~ Yummo!
My Handsome husband Jordan! (don't even know why he is making a gun with his hands. weird)

Making delicious rolls

Yayyy Its Thanksgiving and I'm wearing a really cute apron!

I had to work this morning at 6am! Do you even know how hard it was to get up that early the day after Thanksgiving! I could barley get out of bed. When I woke up at 5am I felt like I had just eaten dinner still. Eventually it went away.

And do you know how many people came to the gym today. (Remember I work in a corporate gym so its only for people who work with the company we are located at) Okay I'll tell you. From 6am when we open til Noon we had a total of 7 people come in. SEVEN! Then the lunch hour we had maybe 8 total. I left around 2pm and there was NO ONE there! It was the slowest day ever!

Today is also my Dad's Birthday! Happy Birthday DAD!! We had a great evening with the family! We took the fam out to a restaurant over by us in Fairfax called Sweet Water Tavern! Oh my goodness it is so amazing! If you like steak and seafood and awesome fajitas you should most definitely try it out. Oh and if you live near Fairfax, VA. I don't think its a chain. Any who it was fun to go out with everyone!

Micheal Buble Concert is this coming Tuesday! I CANT WAIT!! I have been practicing all his songs so if he calls me up on stage I will know the words! :) This will be a night to remember for sure!