Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We have broke Jackson...Well I think we have? Last Friday Jordan and I decided we need to sleep, well at least I needed to sleep through the night. Wait I mean Jackson needed to sleep through the night so WE could sleep through the night. Yeah that's better. We had tried some stuff before but nothing really worked because I couldn't just let him cry, the we tried the go in every so many minutes..that just made it worse. So we just decided to rock him to sleep, then when he wakes up we are not getting him.

The first night was interesting. He slept for a few hours then at 1am he woke up and cried for an hour. Then he stopped crying, but he wouldn't lay down. He just sat up in his crib until 5am. I went in there to check on him and couldn't believe he was still sitting up. I felt so bad so I picked him up and he fell right asleep. 

Night number two we did the same thing. I was really worried he was going to do this sitting up thing again but he didn't. He cried for 15 minutes around 12:45 then at 3 I went to see what he was doing and he was passed out. LYING DOWN! thank goodness.

Night number 3 was even better. He didn't wake up at all. And same for night 4. Night 5 he did wake up but he put himself back to sleep rather quickly. So I am hoping this is it and we have broken this kid! 

I came home from teaching my class Monday evening and this is what I cute.

Jackson with his cousin Cooper. I could not get Jackson to look at the camera. Then there is little Cooper who practically poses when he sees a camera. 

Here is a smile!

He just loves to climb on everything! He has 6 teeth now. The two front ones just crack us up!