Monday, October 10, 2011

Jackson's Blessing Day

Jackson was blessed on Sunday, October 9, 2011
It was such a special day. Our families were able to come and spend the day with us. Here are a few pictures of Jackson in his cute outfit that his Aunt Danie got for him!

This was at the end of the day. Everyone was relaxing. Look at Jackson. Haha he is lounging on Carole Ann. So cute. Pretty soon we will be going to see her new little boy be blessed.

Jackson now weighs 10lbs. He is cooing so much, and starting to smile. Which is my absolute favorite. He knows his parents voices. He loves love loves to be bounced like crazy. And I don't mean baby bounces. He likes huge bounces. I guess that is what happens when you teach step aerobics for 9 months. :) He is growing everyday and I still can't believe that he is mine. We love him so much!