Thursday, August 12, 2010

August...So Far

Okay okay remember how I said I would post more often..well this is more often. We don't have Internet yet at our apartment so it is a bit harder to post. I am still planning on posting pictures of our new place...I just have to take them first. We don't have any cool decorations up yet so I am kind of waiting for that to happen before I show the world where I live. :)
August has been good to us so far. Its already gone by so fast. Where is the time going? The first weekend in August we met Carole Ann, Jon, and my dad at the temple followed by a great lunch at Chipolte. We had a great time hanging out with the family and playing with baby Jonathan.
Last weekend we met some friends (Kristy and Justin) up at the temple and went to Mongolian BBQ afterwards. Oh how I love that place. I could eat there everyday! Once we finished with that Jordan and I tried to find Costco...lets just say don't go to Costco in downtown Arlington. Our GPS was taking us in circles. Literally we pasted the pentagon about 5 times. We finally found it and remember how we are in down town..well parking at Costco is the same as parking to walk to a memorial. Lets just say that turned into about an all day event! It was fun though...and I got my frozen yogurt that I always have to have when we make a Costco trip!
This weekend my brother David is coming. He will be here for the next two weeks. Were really excited to see him. I haven't seen him since graduation back in April. We are going to go down to VA beach next weekend to play! I finally get a few days off from work. Yayyy I love getting paid not to work!
by the is going great. I have been teaching the step class. I am def not the best stepper but it is coming along pretty well. There are definitely up and down weeks with that class but it has been getting better every time. I just hope in the future I can look back at this time and laugh! It can only get better right? Lets hope!
So here is what I will be blogging about in the next few weeks. Since I am blogging about blogging I will be updating more often!
1. David coming
2. Beach trip
3. Our 2 year anniversary
4. New apartment pictures
Okay now I am holding myself to this!