Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lost Camera

I lost my camera. I am sooooooo incredibly bummed. All I remember is that last Saturday we went out to dinner. I told Jordan to grab the camera. (you never know when you are gonna need it now that we have a baby.) He set it on the kitchen table...I put it in the diaper bag. Then went on our way. Jackson slept the whole time so I never took it out of the bag. Sunday at church I noticed it wasn't in by bag. hmm must have fallen out in the car. Nope. I called the restaurant and no one turned it in there. I am thinking it fell out somewhere and someone picked it up maybe? I have no idea. I am so sad though. I mean I have had the camera for a few years but I spent a lot of money on it, and I had taken some cute pictures on Friday and Saturday that I never loaded to the computer. :( We have other camera's but I want mine back! I pray that it will turn up somewhere. Or someone will be kind enough to return it if they found it at the restaurant. Aw man. I hate when stuff like this happens. :(