Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Cutest 7th Month Old Ever!

My baby is 7 month old! Yikes, does that mean I am getting old too? He is doing lots of stuff these days. Here's the stats:

Weighing in at 17lbs
27 inches long
Still only 2 teeth
Laughing so much
Loves to pull all the folded or unfolded laundry out of the basket when we are not looking.
Will try to touch anything that he is not suppose to. (phones, computers, tablets) and trys to chew on them
He is in 6-9 and 9 month clothes.
Has LOTS of hair.
Wanting to crawl like crazy. He does this scooting thing where hes on his hands and one knee and the other leg is like straight and he just kinda drags it behind him when he scoots. It's pretty funny...I just hope he figures out how to get the second knee under him. :)

Yes It is true, I have the cutest 7 month old ever! Here he is with his favorite toy!

Oh and this is when he pulled all his toys out of his toy box

Jackson trying to crawl. So cute! I love this kid so much!