Monday, February 28, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Wednesday is the big day!!! We get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I am super duper excited! I really have no clue as to what we will be having. I am thinking girl but really who knows? Jordan says it will probably be a girl since he has all sister and since I only have one brother. I really just want a healthy baby! Girl clothes are really cute though. :)

So any guesses as to what we will be having?

I am making a baby cake tonight to see what we will be having. You know the food color one. Where you dye half the cake pink and half the cake blue and whichever side you cut into first that's the gender you will have! It worked for my sister! Let's see if it will work for me!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart Jordan! His Birthday was actually February 1st so this post is oh you know only a month late! Better late than never right!? Yeahhh that's right! Well we sure did have some fun for Jordan's 25Th birthday. We went bowling with his family. Now I know we just graduated college and that's what every college person does, but honestly I think I went bowling 2 times the 4 years I lived in Rexburg. I really never went. Probably because I am so bad at it and never wanted to go. It was really fun though with his family. It was Jordan, me, and Julie on a team and Melanee, Ashley and Davaughn on the other. We won both games. BOOYA! haha. I am so terrible at this game. My highest score was like 86 or something. Jordan and Davaughn are really good! I was very impressed. Julie had her moments of being really good, and then some not so much. Me I was pretty much always bad. I had to really concentrate it was funny. Jordan was helping me though so I was able to get a few spares but no strikes.
Anyway we had a great time spending the day together.

And today I am 19 weeks. I am almost half way! Crazy to think that I only have 21 weeks left. But when I think about it that is still a really really long time. The time does seem to be passing by quickly. I think I am sleeping through most of it though. I'm sure all you pregnant or use to be pregnant women can understand.
Last night as I was going to bed Jordan asked me what I was going to do after work since I get off at 2pm. I told him take a nap until he gets home at 6pm. And you know what that is literally what I am going to do. When I wake up its dark outside and I always think its the morning. I am so confused when I wake up. It's actually pretty funny.
I have still been having crazy dreams. Scary dreams to be exact. A member at the fitness center told me to eat something before I go to bed and that will help my blood sugar stay up and I wont have bad dreams. So last night I ate potato chips...they were baked so it's all good!
Oh do you want to know what else I did last night. So you know how for valentines Jordan bought me a really comfy spa robe? Well I pretty much wear it every second I can. I was eating a Slurpee last night because my wonderful husband brought one home for me unexpected and I accidentally spilled some red Slurpee on my off white robe. Opps! So I immediately put it in the wash because I didn't want it to stain and guess what I found in the washer as I was pulling it out. MY CELL PHONE! I had left my cell phone in the pocket and washed it. I was so worried about the tiny red spot staining that I completely forgot about my phone! Whops. Good thing when Jordan got the phone for me he put insurance on it. He knew eventually I would do something stupid and break it. So today I have to take time out of my nap to go get a new phone.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Most Romantic Husband Ever!

I never really cared for valentines day before I got married. No, not because I never had a real valentine I just could take it or leave it. Either way my mom usually gave us candy or something and my dad would give us a rose every now and then so it was always a fun day but eh just another holiday to me. Well obviously when I got married I did really start to like it because I now forever have a Valentine! Mine and Jordan's first valentines day he took me ring shopping. There's a winner right there. He didn't do the typical proposal but got my excited and took me to look at some nice bling! Well this Valentines day I had to work until 8pm and be at work the next day at 6am so it wasn't really an option to celebrate V-day on V-day. We decided we would do something over the weekend but never really discussed anything.

Well my awesome sister sent me a link to make a photo book for a pretty sweet price so I decided I would make Jordan a photo book of our life together so far. I know kinda cheesy slash awesome! It actually came out really good and Jordan LOVED it! While I had been busy making this cute book Jordan was making his own plans. The Friday before Valentines I got off work at 2pm so He sent me a txt that said "be ready by the time I get home, and bring your purse." okayy well that didn't tell me anything. What do I wear? Why do I need my purse even though I usually bring my purse with me wherever we go. So I dress nice but not overly nice. We went out to a nice dinner at a restaurant I had been always wanting to try. Costal Flats up here in Tyson's Corner. It was very casual but we had a good time and I'm really glad he took me there cause I had heard really good things about the place. Then We went to Macy's to buy a Robe. I was really confused as to why Jordan wanted me to buy a robe. So I picked out a really nice spa robe that is so comfortable! Then we went to Bath and Body works and bought some stuff but Jordan wouldn't let me see so at this point I don't know what he bought. Then we "get lost" as we are driving home. When actually we pull into the Westin at Tyson's Corner. Like 5 minutes down the road from our house. haha. Jordan said we need to go in and ask for directions. UM okay...I just decided to go along with it. :) Well I guess the directions are in one of the hotel rooms because we were going up the elevator.

Jordan surprised me with a night away! And a spa treatment by my one and only! It was so relaxing. Being a aerobic instructor my muscles are always aching because they are constantly being worked out. I am always asking him to rub my legs or my back or my arms or something! So the wonderful romantic husband that I have decided to give me a great evening where I was able to be pampered by him. The stuff from bath and body works was aromatherapy stress relieving lotions to help my muscles relieve some of the stress. It was such a fun valentines day being away from home :) haha and cuddling with my hubby!! I had a great valentines day and I hope you all did too!

Happy Valentines day!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I think my life is pretty balanced. Well maybe not? I went to our wards relief society meeting last night and the topic was balance in our lives. It was actually really good. They had a panel of women who spoke briefly about their life and how at times it was unbalanced, but how they are now able to balance whats important in their life. I started to think about whats going on in my life...pretty simple to be honest. It's just Jordan and me for the next 6ish months and its been that way for a long time. I have responsibilities but over all my life is not very overwhelming. I simply go to work everyday. Come home and hang out with Jordan. I mean there is the grocery shopping, exercising, cleaning, church callings, scripture time, etc. but we always do that stuff together. Then I started to think okay well pretty much if I'm not working or eating I'm usually sleeping. So maybe my life is a bit unbalanced right now. I have an excuse though so I didn't really count that part into the mix. Well come July we will have a new addition to our family so hows that gonna play out? I keep thinking to myself. Once I stop working I will have so much time to clean my house and make dinner and all that stuff a mom/wife does. Right? Isn't that how it works? Probably not all the time. Right now I feel that with being pregnant all I want to do is sleep. When I have a new born baby I'm still probably just gonna wanna sleep and take care of my baby of course. Man Balance is hard! I never really thought too much about it because life is simple right now. I do know that as long as I keep my Heavenly Father close to me that everything will work out and my life will be balanced. I;m really glad I went to the meeting last night. I wasn't going to go, I totally forgot about it. Jordan volunteered to help in the nursery so I felt that I had to go. I am so thankful though I did. I loved hearing those women's testimonies and how they shared their stories about their unbalanced and balanced lives. I know I needed to hear that to help me in the future.

Oh and I just said how Jordan volunteered to help in the nursery while we were all being spiritually fed...none of the other men showed up that were suppose to help. So he had like 30 kids to himself. Well their was a mom in their for like half the time but 30 kids to 2 people and then just Jordan for the second half! That's crazy! He is gonna be such a good dad! He didn't even complain or anything. I would have never even volunteered, let alone if I did I would for sure complain that I was the only one! Hes so great! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life that wants a family, and is actually really good with kids.

So today I am 17 weeks! yayy one week farther! So happy. This is going to sound really bad but I feel like I have been prego forever! The sad thing is I have only known I've been prego for 7 weeks now! I have so much longer to go! I think the whole being tired all day is what makes it go by so slow. Too bad I can't just sleep through a few months to make the time pass by quicker! I think part of my problem at least for this week is I have worked the opening shift at work so Ive been up at 5am most days this week. And haven't taken naps because I have other stuff that needs to get done.

At work I use to teach a 7am aerobics class. Well it wasn't being very highly attended so we changed it to 6:15am and now its super highly attended. Oh man I know its only 45 minutes earlier but the class is so hard to teach some times. I eventually start to wake up like 10-15 minutes into the class and I feel good, then when it gets over about an hour later I just want to lay my head on my desk. All the members are so nice and asking my how I am feeling and stuff. It's fun that I can talk about it now where as before no one even knew why I was prego. I told a group of women that come to my early morning class on Tuesday and one of them said they thought I was because I am so pale and tired looking. UM! hahaha I wasn't sure if I was suppose to laugh or be offended. This lady has asked me multiple times if I was sick because I looked really pale/tired a lot. Well lets just say its February and I haven't really seen the sun since September and waking up early everyday/ being pregnant does make you look tired. Anyway they were all really happy for me.

Ohhhh one more thing. I promise this is the last thing and I will end this never ending post! I bet no one even reads this far anyway but this is really funny/kinda weird. So I'm at work yesterday. Don't forget I am a fitness specialist at a corporate gym so yes, I work in a gym but it's an older population. The members are mostly in their 30-50's Everyone that has worked at this company has been here for like 25 years. Well not everyone but a lot of people. Their are only a small handful of 20 year olds. Anyway we have locker you know where this is going? Most women are very modest. A lot of them change in the shower stalls. Well yesterday I had just finished cleaning all the equipment and I walk into the locker room to wash my hands and WHAM a really old naked women is standing pretty much by the door talking to another lady like she was fully clothed or something. I mean I know what other women have I have it to. But really we don't wanna see that! I mean I am so happy she is comfortable with her body that she feels she can walk around the locker room butt naked but c'mon lady spare the rest of us! I was trying to hard not to laugh as I was washing my hand. My co-worker was in there also and I couldn't even look at her cause I would have busted out laughing from how caught off guard I was. Now I know this is so common at most commercial gym's or YMCA's but honestly this is the first time I have ever seen this here at our gym. Everyone works together. Isn't that awkward? Seeing your boss or co-worker with no clothes on? Ew haha I hope that doesn't ever happen again.

Okay now I am done with this forever long post! Only 6 1/2 more hours til I can go home and take a nice long nap! Happy Friday everyone!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

16 week update!

Right now our little pookey is the size of an avocado. It's about 4 1/2 inches long from head to rump and 3 1/2 ounces!

I guess I'm now showing a little bit because some members at work told me so..awesome! haha some people are so blunt it's funny.

I am feeling the same. I mean its only been a week since I told people so I prob shouldn't feel too different. The only thing that I'm not liking so much about the process is that I am having crazy scary dreams! People have told me that when your pregnant your hormones can cause you to have very vivid dreams. And let me tell you I am having them. Every night. And I remember most all of the dream. It's weird. I do like that my hair is growing fast though, I can def tell! sweet~