Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson's first Baseball game

Jackson went to his first baseball game last Friday night. He LOVED it. He did really great considering it was a 7pm game. He loved when the crowed would cheer. We had a great time together. Jordan's company was celebrating there 10th anniversary so they treated everyone and there families to the game! It was the Nationals vs. Orioles. O's won! WhopWhop. It was fun to meet all of Jordan's co workers. We will def be taking Jackson back to more games this summer. :)

He is Jordan and Jackson at the Center Field Gates.

Again here they are with one of the presidents...honestly I don't remember who this was. The only president that was obvious to me was I had to read the back to the Jerseys to tell which one was which.

Can you see Jack just staring around at everything. We had the hardest time getting him to look at the camera. Can't wait to go to another game with the fam!

Friday, May 4, 2012

This is typical Jackson climbing up onto something.  He looks so chubby. Love this squishy baby.