Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Utah and Family....love it!

So this past weekend Jordan, Laura, and myself took a trip down to Utah. It was great fun. We met my dad there, and my oldest sister and her husband their to play play play!!! So here is how our weekend went:

Friday: Plan to leave around 2:oo pm. Jordan decided we needed to make a quick stop at walmart to get somethings....little did I know he wanted to get Transformers to watch in the car. Well since he was getting a present I needed one too. YAY for Michael Buble's new CD!! I listened to it pretty much the whole way down. It is awesome and I love it, and you should all get it so you can love it too! We finally get to Provo around 7:30. We meet up with dad and brother and head over Brook Oven Pizza. Yum Yum. Carole Ann and Jon were getting in at 1030 so we needed to pick them up. Mission accomplished and we headed back to Provo. Jordan and I stayed at the greatest people's house...Erin and Kasey Johnson. We stayed up talking til about 2 and I had to get to early to take Jordan and my brother David to GAME DAY in the morning.....

Saturday: Alarm goes off at 6:30....kill me I only got 4 hours of sleep. We finally got up at 6:50 and I went to take Jordan and David to the stadium for game day. Got back to Erin's and layed back down..phone rings at 745...Dad calls and is ready for me to pick him up to take him to Game day. Do that...go back to Erin's and get ready. Now I am waiting for the boys to call so I can pick them up. Gee what am I everyone's shuttle? Oh don't forget how I get to take Laura my little sister to get her hair cut and then pick up my sister and brother in law to take them back to Provo. So by the time all of this shuttling is over it is only noon. Wow busy day so far. But I didn't mind it, it was fun and who needs sleep anyway right? So after the morning we decided we were hungry..cafe rio yep here we come. Then we just went on campus and that evening went to the BYU vs TCU game. We wont talk about that..I'm sure you all know how it went! That evening we went out for more pizza yes we like pizza....and then hit the hay I'M TIRED!

Sunday: SLEEP IN YESSSS!!! Went over to meet the fam for the last time and said our goodbyes took some pictures then headed home. I slept 3 out of the 4 hours I think. It was great! Got home around 6 ate french toast...and let me remind you how I did NO Homework this weekend. Yes don't you love that...until you find out you have 2 quizzes this week and 2 tests...oh crap. Maybe I should be studying instead of blogging....nahhh this is much more needed!!

Pictures will be coming soon. Hope you enjoyed my weekend as much as I did!!!!!