Thursday, May 5, 2011 this the beginning?

Last night was the first night since I have been pregnant that I could just not get comfortable!! It was so annoying! All I wanted to do was lay on my stomach but when I did that it really wasn't that comfortable because there is a baby there, and it made me have to go to the bathroom. Did I mention that my body was super duper achy all over too. I taught a step class earlier that night and my hips, feet, and legs just felt so tired. Is this the beginning of the upcoming 15 weeks? And the best thing about all of this is our little guy was moving around so much! He likes to dance or box or something...maybe a soccer player? Or a gymnast. Or maybe he is just really hyper. haha I dunno but I love love love it!!! Other than only getting about 5 hours of sleep It was fun to feel him move around most of the night.

On to other things. I'm finally getting my hair done today. Nothing big just a clean up. It has gotten so long within the past few months. It will probably look the same haha but still it is just fun to have someone cut and style your hair. Even if it's nothing drastic.

Tomorrow=FRIDAY! and I have to re certify for my First Aid and CPR/AED for work. I should probably look over those manuals before I look silly in front of all my co-workers. Don't worry we aren't doing the exam at 6:30am!! At least I get to do it while I'm working. That was nice of them to let me work and re certify while everyone else has to go to work after the class. I'm killing two birds with one stone! Yippee!

And I am almost in my 3rd trimester! Crazy! Some girl at work yesterday was telling me how easy labor is. She was going off on how she only had to push 6 times and she was only in labor for a few hours. She was all its not hard at all. I was like um okay but you do realize that it's not like that for everyone right? I mean I really hope I can come out of this and say oh yeah that was super easy. But I feel that I need to be somewhat prepared for the pain I will have to endure. I mean c'mon I'm the one who use to get stomach aches everynight and growing pains when I was younger (not that they did much. I'm only 5'1) and cry about it! I just smiled at this lady and told her thanks for making me feel better. I love how many people have told me their labor stories also. I mean they just tell me, I don't ask or anything. One lady delivered in her car! YIKES!