Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Most Romantic Husband Ever!

I never really cared for valentines day before I got married. No, not because I never had a real valentine I just could take it or leave it. Either way my mom usually gave us candy or something and my dad would give us a rose every now and then so it was always a fun day but eh just another holiday to me. Well obviously when I got married I did really start to like it because I now forever have a Valentine! Mine and Jordan's first valentines day he took me ring shopping. There's a winner right there. He didn't do the typical proposal but got my excited and took me to look at some nice bling! Well this Valentines day I had to work until 8pm and be at work the next day at 6am so it wasn't really an option to celebrate V-day on V-day. We decided we would do something over the weekend but never really discussed anything.

Well my awesome sister sent me a link to make a photo book for a pretty sweet price so I decided I would make Jordan a photo book of our life together so far. I know kinda cheesy slash awesome! It actually came out really good and Jordan LOVED it! While I had been busy making this cute book Jordan was making his own plans. The Friday before Valentines I got off work at 2pm so He sent me a txt that said "be ready by the time I get home, and bring your purse." okayy well that didn't tell me anything. What do I wear? Why do I need my purse even though I usually bring my purse with me wherever we go. So I dress nice but not overly nice. We went out to a nice dinner at a restaurant I had been always wanting to try. Costal Flats up here in Tyson's Corner. It was very casual but we had a good time and I'm really glad he took me there cause I had heard really good things about the place. Then We went to Macy's to buy a Robe. I was really confused as to why Jordan wanted me to buy a robe. So I picked out a really nice spa robe that is so comfortable! Then we went to Bath and Body works and bought some stuff but Jordan wouldn't let me see so at this point I don't know what he bought. Then we "get lost" as we are driving home. When actually we pull into the Westin at Tyson's Corner. Like 5 minutes down the road from our house. haha. Jordan said we need to go in and ask for directions. UM okay...I just decided to go along with it. :) Well I guess the directions are in one of the hotel rooms because we were going up the elevator.

Jordan surprised me with a night away! And a spa treatment by my one and only! It was so relaxing. Being a aerobic instructor my muscles are always aching because they are constantly being worked out. I am always asking him to rub my legs or my back or my arms or something! So the wonderful romantic husband that I have decided to give me a great evening where I was able to be pampered by him. The stuff from bath and body works was aromatherapy stress relieving lotions to help my muscles relieve some of the stress. It was such a fun valentines day being away from home :) haha and cuddling with my hubby!! I had a great valentines day and I hope you all did too!

Happy Valentines day!!!