Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy One Year!

That is Jordan up at the top with his arm raised,
getting ready to jump off.

The boys jumping off the 3rd platform

The happy couple hiking

Jordan suprised me this morning!!

Jordan and I made it, one year down many many many more wonderful years to come! Today is our one year anniversary. I can't believe that one year ago today we were just getting married. The year went by so fast, but so many good memories to think about.

We had a great day, Jordan brought me breakfast in bed, and flowers. Then we went hiking at some cool place, I have no idea where it was but it was so beautiful. We were there for a while enjoying nature and each others company. After that we drove to Idaho falls...made a quick stop at 5 guys to grab a bite for lunch then we went and saw Julie & Julia. It was cute, I'm not sure how much Jordan liked it but he humored me and took me to see it. I want to try to find Julie's blog because the movie was based off of 2 true stories. And I also feel like I need to cook something french with lots of butter. :) After the moive we went and looked around the stores there in IF. We stopped at Michael's and found some cute pictures to put in our frames. We have lived here almost a whole year and just finished decorating! haha at least I finished right?

We were suppose to either go out to a nice finner or come home and make each other a romantic dinner but we are still full from lunch so I don't think that's going to happen. I'm sure I'll be hungry around 10 o'clock and just randomly eat the whole kitchen. :) So that's how today went. It was really nice and I have enjoyed that past 365 + days I have spent with my loving husband! Hes the best!!!

On a side note, David came up one day this week and we went to Lava Hot Springs. I haven't been there in probably 10 years. It was a lot of fun, and YES I did jump off one of the was only the 1st one but it was still really scary. Jordan and David jumped off all three of them! They are crazy boys with no fear. There was an old guy there doing crazy flips off all the diving boards and plat forms. I was very impressed.

School starts back up in a few weeks. I'm kinda ready but not really. I'm mostly just excited to see my sister and mom when they come out. And the closer that it starts the closer the end of the semester is. Then we can go home for Christmas and only have one semester until graduation! Yay wont that be fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Little Vacation!

So school is out, and we just got home from vacation. We first went to Salt Lake to see Jordan's sister Dani. That was fun. We just hung out and went out to eat, then we went down to Provo to see my brother David. We hung out with him and went to a yummy BBQ place where David much enjoyed the wings. haha jk we told him to do that (see picture below) We went to Brandon and Michelles wedding on Tuesday and had a great time. Then Wednesday morning bright and early Jordan left to go fishing and camping with his dad and grandpa. I decided to stay in Provo with David and hang out with him and my good friend Anjuli. I slept a lot, ate lots of ice cream, and played! I went to all of David's inter mural games. It was fun but its good to be back home. Jordan and myself just started new jobs yesterday. I'm working in the admissions office and Jordan is doing networking stuff with the computers on campus. It feels good to finally have a job again. well until next time...enjoy the pictures!

Jordan with the Palmer boys

This is me and Anjuli watching David's soft ball game!

Jordan and me waiting after the wedding!

David really enjoyed the wings!