Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend to Vegas

Jordan and I on the Strip for a walk!

At the Pool at the hotel (excalibur)

Jordan playing his favorite game at the arcade
(we had to spend our money some how :)

yay for vegas at night!!!

waiting for the Mirage volcano show to start!!

So we had a pretty spontaneous weekend!! Friday at 5 when Jordan got home from work we were trying to decide what to do for the night. Then Jordan was like lets just go to Vegas! So we joked about it for a minute...then we were like okay we have to! So at about 10pm on Friday night we hit the road. We drove until 3 Am then decided to stop for a quick nap. Woke up at 6Am and got back on the road and made it to Vegas at 9am Saturday morning! It was such a fun weekend. We went to the pool everyday, went to see a movie, walked around the strip, went to an arcade, saw a she man, saw a lady wearing a fanny pack, ate lots of good food, and just had a great time enjoying the hot sun!!!

The drive home wasn't too bad either. I drove from Cedar City all the way to Rexburg. I have never in my life driven for that long. It was fun, Jordan had some homework to do so I got the privilege of driving!! I just put on my music and sang all the way home!!! I LOVE VEGAS. I totally want to go back soon!

P.s. Thanks Nikki for letting me know how to post pictures, now you all can enjoy our trip to Vegas too!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How about a VaCaTiOn?!?!

Well it is getting a lot warmer here in Rexburg! It is totally making me not want to be in school even more than I do now! Schools not that bad, I'm just jealous of everyone who is off track or is graduated! My time will come soon though! So I was looking at flights online today and you can get some cheap flights to some places! It makes me want to go somewhere during the 7 week break!! Maybe I can convince Jordan to take me somewhere besides the river to go fishing!

Memorial day is soon, and I think were going fishing! If its warm and not windy outside it should be fine, but other than that I will probably convince Jordan to do something else...he usually wins though. I never have any better ideas so we usually just fish! At least we catch dinner sometimes!
Well I am going to go enjoy this warm weather while we have it...who knows when it will leave its Rexburg!!!

P.s. Can someone tell me how to add pictures to my posts?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Yay it's mothers day! I wish I was at home to personally tell my Mom to have a happy mothers day but I guess over the phone and through my blog will have to do! I am so grateful for my mom and all that she has ever done for me! I don't think she will ever understand the influence she has had on me! She is such a wonderful lady and a amazing Mom. I also have to give a shout out to my mother-in-law! She obviously did an amazing job raising Jordan (as you can tell by being in his presence) I am grateful for her as well and the great things she has taught Jordan!

When I called home today to wish my mom a happy happy day my oldest sister answered the phone! At first I had to double check who I called because she doesn't live at home anymore! Then I realized she went home for the weekend to see my mom! I was so jealous!! Her and Jon decided to drive up on Friday after work and surprise my mom! Mom if I was in driving distance Jordan and I would of done the same! :) Well I just want to wish all the Mom's a Happy Mothers Day and we are all very grateful for everything you do!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Day...

This feels like the longest week..its only Tuesday!!! I was telling Jordan today that I wish I was graduated. Then I was thinking what will I do with my life after I'm done with school. First we are getting out of Rexburg..then I don't really care as long as I don't have homework!!! :) So my kickboxing classes have gone well this week. I teach two more times. Its fun but so tiring. Good thing I have Jordan go give me back massages!!! Anyway I think I am just babbling now...hopefully something exciting in my life will happen so I can update everyone on it!! Until next time...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Finally I learned how to make a blog. Much thanks to Jessica Bates. :) I am so excited to have a blog, now I can keep up with all my married friends and have something to do when I am bored!! Ok so there is not much to read right now but Im gonna go try to figure out how to make our blog pretty!!! Yay!!!