Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart Jordan! His Birthday was actually February 1st so this post is oh you know only a month late! Better late than never right!? Yeahhh that's right! Well we sure did have some fun for Jordan's 25Th birthday. We went bowling with his family. Now I know we just graduated college and that's what every college person does, but honestly I think I went bowling 2 times the 4 years I lived in Rexburg. I really never went. Probably because I am so bad at it and never wanted to go. It was really fun though with his family. It was Jordan, me, and Julie on a team and Melanee, Ashley and Davaughn on the other. We won both games. BOOYA! haha. I am so terrible at this game. My highest score was like 86 or something. Jordan and Davaughn are really good! I was very impressed. Julie had her moments of being really good, and then some not so much. Me I was pretty much always bad. I had to really concentrate it was funny. Jordan was helping me though so I was able to get a few spares but no strikes.
Anyway we had a great time spending the day together.

And today I am 19 weeks. I am almost half way! Crazy to think that I only have 21 weeks left. But when I think about it that is still a really really long time. The time does seem to be passing by quickly. I think I am sleeping through most of it though. I'm sure all you pregnant or use to be pregnant women can understand.
Last night as I was going to bed Jordan asked me what I was going to do after work since I get off at 2pm. I told him take a nap until he gets home at 6pm. And you know what that is literally what I am going to do. When I wake up its dark outside and I always think its the morning. I am so confused when I wake up. It's actually pretty funny.
I have still been having crazy dreams. Scary dreams to be exact. A member at the fitness center told me to eat something before I go to bed and that will help my blood sugar stay up and I wont have bad dreams. So last night I ate potato chips...they were baked so it's all good!
Oh do you want to know what else I did last night. So you know how for valentines Jordan bought me a really comfy spa robe? Well I pretty much wear it every second I can. I was eating a Slurpee last night because my wonderful husband brought one home for me unexpected and I accidentally spilled some red Slurpee on my off white robe. Opps! So I immediately put it in the wash because I didn't want it to stain and guess what I found in the washer as I was pulling it out. MY CELL PHONE! I had left my cell phone in the pocket and washed it. I was so worried about the tiny red spot staining that I completely forgot about my phone! Whops. Good thing when Jordan got the phone for me he put insurance on it. He knew eventually I would do something stupid and break it. So today I have to take time out of my nap to go get a new phone.