Thursday, December 2, 2010

Michael Buble Concert

November 30, 2010 will definitely go on my list of days I will never forget!! I'm sure the people who have been to one of Michael Buble's concerts understand where I am coming from. It was absolutely amazing! Best concert I have ever been to by far. (Ive only been to like 3 others but still) Our seats were AWESOME! I was so happy with them. I mean obviously there were better seats than ours but I was very pleased. Here are some photos of the night! ENJOY
Mommy and me before we left!
Oh yes this is my and Michael together!
My Michael Buble t-shirt! (It says Buble LIVE! & In Person) haha
I totally think he was looking at me here!

This was when he went into the crowed and got on a little stage and sang a few songs. (Home, Hollywood, and some others I can't remember them all)

He really knew how to work the crowd and have a good time! After he came out and sang 2 songs he was reading all the signs people made for him. One little girl in the front row had a sign that said "All I want for Christmas is a hug from you" and she was like 9. He was like really! From me? Ah I think I could do that! And he ran down and gave her a hug. It was really sweet. I was really jealous though. If only I were 9 and was in the front row with that clever sign! Maybe next time! :)

Best Concert Hands Down. He sounded so good live, and sang all the right songs!! If he ever comes to your town GO!!! It is so worth it!! I had a blast and had dreams about the concert that night! It was great!!! :)