Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is Here

Out here in Virginia it is definitely fall. It has been really rainy and cool. I was surprised how quick the temperature dropped. I am ready for fall, and for all the leaves to change. I don't really like the rain though. It was nice for like a day to come home from work and just be lazy but it wont go away. It has been over cast here for a while now. And I must say that it is not fun driving at 5:15am in the pouring rain. Its so dark, I can barley see the lines on the road and its just scary. I go so slow haha and cars are flying past me! They probably think I am an old grandma or something..nothing against old grandma's, then just tend to drive a little bit slower.

So it's finally feeling like fall. I am ready to break out a can of pumpkin and bake something. Although I am trying not to eat sweets. I'm sure I will crack and bake though. I made homemade rolls last week with corn chowder and it was so delicious! The chowder was a cooking light recipe
and it was a huge hit. Well haha by huge hit I mean Jordan and me really liked it.
Work is going really well. I am getting a lot better at teaching Step Aerobics. I also just added a class, boot camp. I haven't taught it before so we will see how it goes. I think it will be fun though. I should act like a marine or something. I'm sure all the members would just love that! Jordan is doing really well at work. They just love him. He designed a whole new website for his company and it is awesome. He is so talented!!
I am nervous for Sunday to come. I am sub teaching Relief Society. I am scared. I haven't taught Relief Society since I was in my singles ward at BYU-Idaho. And it was fun then because your Relief Society are your friends and you know they will save you if you get stuck by answering questions or making comments. I am sure the sisters in my ward will do that also but I am still new to the ward and I hardly know anyone. They are all so much older than me too. I bet I am the youngest one in the Relief Society. I just hope it goes well. Jordan has been helping me a lot with the lesson. I only have to be up there for about 25 minutes though. They take SO long on the announcements and songs. Its kinda funny. And we have Fast Sunday this Sunday so I get to leave time at the end for Testimonies. Thank goodness! Pray for me that it goes well!!!
I am so excited I have Monday off from work. It is my last day off until Thanksgiving. I know most people don't even get days off. I get paid days off and if I don't use em, I lose em! So I picked random days off through the rest of the year. I get this one, then Thanksgiving day off, Then nothing until Christmas, then only three days off before the new year. Gee working is demanding. I am so use to taking off whenever I want, and getting 1 week for Thanksgiving, and 3 weeks for Christmas. Not this year. I am excited for the Holidays though.