Friday, July 23, 2010

The Whole Month of July..opps

Well I have to say I did it again. I didn't post anything for the longest time. Ever since I started working full time I forgot all about my blog!! It wasnt until my friend/old roommate Ashley told me I needed to update my blog more often! haha she is right! I do! And thats what I am doing Now. I don't have a ton of pictures up yet. The few I have will do for now though! This post is going to be the entire month of July. I can't even remember back into June. Im pretty sure all I did was work. Nothing that special! We have had some fun times though this month! Where do I Begin?
4th Of July: For the 4th we spent the weekend up at my sister-in-law's place in Reston VA. We stocked up on so much food and had a great weekend! Danie came into town on July 1st so it was great to have her here with us. Some of the things we did were canoeing, eating, watched fire works, had a BBQ, took naps, ate some more, went to see Eclipse, and watched Ashley and Devoughn run a 4th of July race!
Danie's Birthday: Danie celebrated her birthday with us at the beach! We went down to Virginia beach for the weekend. It was great because not only did we get to relax on the beach but we got to see my older sister Carole Ann, Jon, and baby Jonathan! It was fun to see them and hang out! I hadn't been to the beach in 2 years so it was a much needed trip. I got very very sun burned and it was very hard to teach my abs class because I couldnt lay down on my back. haha my class understood though! Danies birthday cake was so big we ate it the entire weekend. I am still pretty sure there is still some at the Packham's house. We should probably throw that away now!

Melanee, Danie, Jordan, and Ashley at the Reston Town center
on the 3rd watching a concert some jazz people put on!

Don't you just love his outfit. haha boys...

All of us at Ashley's house. Davoughn is taking the picture
thats why he is not in it!

Danie and her yummy cake we ate all weekend!

All of us together! So Fun!

Another exciting thing that is happening this weekend is we are finally moving into our own apartment. We have been living with our families for the past 3 months. Jordan has been extened a job offer at the same company he is interning at. We were so excited that they wanted to keep him. I mean who wouln't he is so talented at what he does! We move in this weekend. We will be living in Fairfax. It is about half way inbetween both our jobs. No more waking up super early to get to work on time, and no more being seperated durign the week so I don't have to drive an hour and a half to get to work.
I will try my hardest to post more often! Also once our apartment gets set up I will post pictures so everyone can take a look at our new home!!
Well thats all for now!
(Hope you liked it Ash!)