Sunday, April 24, 2011

23 weeks on my 23rd birthday

i thought it was pretty cool that i was exactly 23weeks on my 23rd birthday! I'm using our ipad to post and for some reason it is taking forever to put a picture up so this post will not have my birthday pictures up.

anyway i had a great day. i had to work early and teach a 615am class. it was definitely one of my best classes. i had a lot of energy and it was just a lot of fun. my two co workers are so nice and got me a gift certificate to buy buy baby. cant wait to use that! when i came home i took a nice birthday nap until jordan got home. he came in and woke me up and surprised me with flowers and all my birthday cards and presents. then he made me a wonderful birthday dinner. he also made me an eclair cake! my favorite! then he gave me his present. like he hadn't already done enough. he told me in June he is taking me to see GLEE in concert. i am so excited. i love glee and now i get to go see them perform! its gonna be awesome.

then that evening we watched glee and parenthood and called it a night. such a great 23rd birthday!

the next day we had a doctors apt and everything is good. only 16 more weeks. were still working on a name.