Friday, December 17, 2010

My Thoughts Today...

It snowed 1 inch. Not even that much. So why does everyone decide that since there is some slush outside they don't have to come to work. Because when people don't come into the office this makes my work day very slow and boring. You know why? Cause if people aren't at work...then no one comes to the gym. (The gym that is in their office building that I work at)

I am excited for Christmas. I am finishing up getting the last of the gifts and doing major wrapping tonight!!!

Jordan wants to see Tron tonight. Every movie we go to that he picks out always ends up being really great, but I still don't really wanna see it even though I'm sure I will like it. I'm just being difficult.

I brought a healthy lunch today and I decided to eat the chocolate a member gave us at work instead. I'm still hungry though....hmm more chocolate?

My brother David and sister Laura are flying in tomorrow evening from school for the Holidays! Yay excited to see them!!

Four day work week next week, and 1 day work week the week after! Booya! I have been saving up these days off all year. (or at least since I have been working which is since May)

I am making cupcakes tomorrow! Yummo!

That's all for now!