Friday, August 19, 2011

Still Waiting....

And its Friday, August 19th and I still have a baby in my belly. He just doesn't want to come out. He is totally comfortable and warm, and probably likes all the bad food I eat. He must know that once he is here I have promised myself more salads and veggies...and he probably doesn't want that.
We went to the hospital yesterday for a nonstress test and an amniotic fluid test. We did the nonstress test first and oh my gosh that took forever! He was not cooperating at all. I think it was his nap time or something because usually he is moving all over the place and he just decided to lay still. Those of you who don't know what a nonstress test is it is a test to monitor the baby's heart rate and movement. First they strap two devices to your belly: One monitors your baby's heartbeat and movement; the other records contractions in your uterus. The technician listens to and watches your baby's heartbeat on an electronic screen while your contractions are recorded on paper. Every time your baby moves you are suppose to press a button. His heart rate was normal nothing to be worried about but they are looking for it to beats faster (at least 15 beats per minute over his resting rate) while he's moving for at least 15 seconds on two separate occasions during a 20-minute span. Yeah this never happened..and this went on for 1 hour! He moved a few times but his heart rate never stayed up for the amount of time they wanted it to. It was fun to hear his heart beat for an hour but I was starting to get worried like something was wrong. So the technician talked to the doctor and they wanted me to do my amniotic fluid test and they would check him again during the ultra sound. They said he probably was just sleeping. So more waiting in the waiting room and then we had the ultra sound. Then more waiting again in the waiting room then finally talked to the doctor, and he asks me "So, when are you going to have this baby." UM LIKE I KNOW? I was thinking, I would of gladly had him 2 weeks ago. But instead I just laughed and said who knows. He pretty much told us everything was fine and he wants me to keep a kick count chart so we know hes still active. (which today he has been moving non stop...figures) And if he is not here by next Thursday they will see me again. Except I told him if he is not here by next Thursday they are inducing me. So I have a doctors check up on Monday so we will see what they say..I am hoping I go into labor before Monday, preferably tonight but it's really not my decision.
It has been weird not working, but honestly really nice. I have been able to do a lot of things that were on my list but never got around to...and they were pretty important to like getting new tags for the car. (important) getting a safety inspection for the car (important) getting a rock chip fixed on the car (important) letting the bank know we moved (important) going shopping (REALLY IMPORTANT) :) haha and then you know stuff around the house that usually doesn't get done until the weekends like laundry. Oh and Jordan has had real dinners this week! I'm sure a good stay at home wife...which that will probably change once the baby comes. At least Jordan gets a few days of it. I have been sleeping in too which I hear I won't get to do that the rest of my life either.
OH guess what! Yesterday after we went to get the tests done Jordan's work wanted me to stop by to give us a gift. They were SO sweet. His whole office threw a cute baby shower for us. There was yummy cake and ice cream, and such nice gifts. They got us a high chair, a water proof mattress cover, diapers/wipes, a cute cute cute lamp for the baby's room, outlet covers, and baby Tupperware. They were so kind to do that for us. It was the first time I had met anyone from his work and they were all so nice! I can't believe they did that for us, and Jordan and I are so thankful to them. We really appreciated it.
Well it's Friday and Jordan should be home any minute!