Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jackson's Newborn Photo's

We had newborn pictures taken for Jackson when he was 10 days old. Here are some of the ones I really like. They all turned out great! Enjoy my sweet little Jackson!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day at Grandma and Grandpa's

We went up to Grandma and Grandpa Premont on Saturday. We had lots of fun. My sister Jenney turned 18 on Thursday so we went up to visit her and celebrate her birthday!

The BYU vs. Utah game was also on so we watched that as well!

Papa and Jackson

Jenney and Jackson!

We had a great day hanging out with the family and can't wait to do it again soon!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Snuggle Bear

I love this sleeping baby! He is now 3 weeks old. I can't believe it. He is the sweetest little boy ever and we love love love being with him!

Friday, September 9, 2011

2 weeks old

Jackson had his 2 week doctors visit yesterday. Here are his stats:
Weight:n 7lb 9oz (he gained 1lb 1oz since last week)
Length: 20.5inch
Head: 14.25 (does anyone care about this one?)

I can't believe we have already had Jackson for 2 weeks! he is so fun! I love all of his facial expressions, especially the ones when he is waking up!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Since we've been home....

Jackson loves to nap with daddy...or should I say daddy loves to nap with Jackson. :)

Jackson loves when daddy comes home from work!

Bath time!!
Jackson meets Kathleen!!!

Jackson's onesie days : My Aunt is the Best! (this goes for all his aunts though)

Jackson is 1 week old!!

Laura came and stayed with us for a few days to help me while Jordan had to go to work! She was amazing and helped me SO much. I don't know what I would of done with out her here!

Mommy and Baby

Aunt Danie came to meet Jackson! It was so fun having her here!

Aunt Ashley and Aunt Danie holding Jackson.

We have been doing great since coming home. Jackson loves to sleep and eat lots! We feel so blessed to have Jackson in our family.

We had newborn pictures taken last week, and once I get them I will post them. I saw a preview and they are so adorable, I can't wait to share them with you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor and Delivery

Wednesday night (8/24/11): We went into the hospital around 8:30 that night to get all ready to be induced the next morning. So they we checked in got to our room and then the nurse was doing all my paper work. We loved the nurse we had that night. She was awesome. So nice and funny I wish she could have been our nurse the whole time. Then it was time for my IV to be put in. I have major anxiety over IV’s. I am not really sure why. It just really grosses me out and I really did not want one. Well you have to have one..so don’t worry they didn't just stick me once but 3 times! Ouchy! Each time hurt SO bad. I mean I think the IV hurt worse than anything else…well the contractions were pretty painful but you know what I mean. So after they FINALLY get the IV in me, they had to do a quick ultra sound to make sure his head was down. Then they put in the medicine to help my cervix ripen. And check to see if I was dilated…nope still nothing. Once all that was done they told Jordan and I to get some rest. They asked me if I wanted any sleeping medicine which I declined…I should have taken it. Oh my gosh the janitors decided they should wax the floors right outside our door, and that they should talk really loud the entire night!! With that, me being nervous for the next day, and the dang IV hurting really bad I got about 2 hours of sleep. Awesome!

Thursday (8/25/11): 5:00am rolls around and the nurse gets me up. I got ready (not really I took a shower.) The nurse took out the medicine to ripen my cervix and checked and I made it to 1cm! YAYYY finally some progress. They hooked me up to the IV and at 6am started me on pitocin. They started me really small at 2 cu’s and then told me every 15 minutes they would go up 2 more. So I apparently was having contractions without the medicine but they were so small I couldn’t feel them at all, and they obviously weren't making me dilate.

7:00am my doctor comes in to check my cervix and break my water. WOW weird feeling. While the doctor was breaking my water I was having a contraction. I guess we irritated him because we ruined his home and his heart rate dropped into the 60’s. So my doctor and all the nurses being really calm flipped me over. Put oxygen on me and were trying to get Jackson’s heart rate back up. Once they did they had to stop the pitocin for about a half hour and regulate him. So after 30 minutes they started me back up.

Around 9:00am I was at at 6 CU’s and really could feel the contractions. I was able to just breath through them so I wanted to wait a little longer to see if I could dilate more before I got the epidural. So my doctor comes back in and I am still 1cm dilated. What really! I can’t believe I am still only 1cm. So they to bump be up to 8CU’s and now I am really really really feeling everything. I was having all back labor and the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart and some were lasting more than a minute. I had a few that were almost 4 minutes. It was crazy. So they warned me before they put me into labor that once I ask for the epidural if everything goes right it would be about 45minutes. So Around 9:30am I am in so much pain. I am trying to hard to wait on the epidural because I wanted to dilate more. The told me it’s 50/50 with the epidural. Some women stop progressing, some progress even more. So I finally decided it was time. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was about to cry during the contractions which made it much worse.

We asked at the perfect time because by the time they had given me the IV fluid I needed the anesthesiologist was free to come see me. That was an experience I won’t forget. I was sitting in the hips so much. I was so uncomfortable I just wanted it to be over. The shot I didn’t really hurt just the position I was in. Once I had the epidural I felt so good, and thought to myself. I am so ready to have a baby!

So I was resting and my sister Carole Ann was checking on us to see how we were so I decided to call her instead of txt back. We were talking then all the sudden 3 nurses run into the room. They started monitoring my tummy more and checking my cervix and then the oxygen got thrown on so I knew something wasn't right. I quickly hand the phone to Jordan and he tells her we will call her later. Jackson’s heart rate dropped again into the 60’s. Once they got it back up they had to turn the pitocin off again! I was still only dilated to 1cm too.

So the pitocin had been off for an hour. I was barley having any contractions. My doctor came in with a few options. We could go ahead and “throw in the towel” she said and just do a c-section, or try the pitocin again and see what happens. If his heart rate drops again then they were doing a c-section. She told me I wasn't going to dilate without the pitocin. The pitocin was affecting Jackson. She said my contractions are so strong and so close together and he doesn’t like that so his heart rate keeps dropping. She said it was our decision but she had a feeling since after 7 hours I am still not dilated any further I might and probably will end up in a c-section. She told me she really wished I could have a vaginal delivery but there are some cases where it doesn't happen. Me and Jordan discussed it and just felt it was best for the baby to go ahead with the c-section. We didn't want to put Jackson under anymore stress, and I didn't want o try more pitocin and never dilate and be in labor for the rest of my life. So c-section it was.

The doctor I was seeing had just ended her shift and needed to back to the office to see patients so I would be delivered by another doctor. I was actually kind of happy because the doctor that would be delivering me I love. She is so awesome! So she comes in and talks to me and then they start the medicine up and quickly I am loosing feeling in my body. Right before they are about to take me in I started shaking. I was telling Jordan that I am nervous but I don’t know why I am shaking this much. It was so weird. So they took me into the OR and Jordan had to wait outside while they prepared me. By this time I can’t feel anything but my arms. I am still shaking so much too. The anesthesiologist was asking me how I was feeling and I told him fine but I can’t stop shaking. He told me that was normal and was a side effect of the medicine. So Jordan comes in and they start the surgery. It was so weird feeling the pressure and tugging but no pain. It only took about 20 minutes and at 2:33pm little Jackson Gunnar Packham was born. It was such a special moment for Jordan and I. As I am sure it is for any new parent. I started crying and kept telling Jordan to go over and see him as they were cleaning him off. He didn't want to leave me but I really wanted him to go over there and film it.

We then went to recovery where I was able to breast feed and bond with Jackson. Then we went up to our room where we stayed for the next 3 days. The nurses took such good care of us there, and I definitely want to have all my babies at INOVA h if we are still in VA. We came home on Sunday and have been having so much fun with our little guy! We love him so much and he is such a sweetheart.