Friday, November 11, 2011

Jackson is 11 weeks and my 100th post!

Well first off a pat on the back to me! This is my 100th post. It only took me um...years .haha I have had this blog for a while and I finally made it to my 100th post. Yay go me! Now on to better things!

Like Jackson! He is 11 weeks old now and cuter than ever. Here is a quick update:

He is smiling
rolling over
sucking his thump
(not sure how I feel about this...but it sure is cute)
holding his head up like a champ
eating about every 3 hours sometimes longer!
at his 8 week check up he was 10 lbs 15oz and 22.5 inches long.

He loves bath time!

Here we are before church! so cute in his little plaid shirt!

My friend Nancy got him this cute fireman onsie and fireman book. haha he is as big as the book next to him. It looks like the book could be his friend.

I am enjoying staying at home with Jackson. He is so fun and lovable. I don't want him to grow up any more. If only he can stay this little!