Friday, April 20, 2012

24 years old

I am not 24 years old. I had a wonderful Birthday with my two boys. Let me just tell you how my day went...

Jackson must have known it was my birthday because he slept in until 8:00. What a great present right! That was awesome. Then Jordan decided he was going to work from home. YAY! So he gave me some cards from family, and a few gifts also from him and family. That was fun. We were watching Kelly LIVE and Zac Efron was on. OK another birthday gift that was unexpected. haha jk. Except I was really excited when they said he was on the show that day. They must have known it was my birthday also. How nice of them!

Next I got ready for my Aerobics class I was teaching that morning. I just got a job teaching aerobics at LA fitness and my first class was on my birthday! What a treat. It went well. I taught Step Aerobics + Abs.

Then my sweet friends from church took me out to lunch at Olive Garden. It was yummy! We had a nice time talking and hanging out.

After that I came home and hung out with Jordan while Jackson Napped...well Jordan was working so I pretty much talked to my dad and Nana.

Once Jordan finished work we played a game on the Xbox Kinect. Those games are fun..and tiring. I was getting tired moving all over the place.

So then we drove up to Reston to drop Jackson off at Ashley and Davaughn's place so they could babysit him while we went out to dinner. It was so nice of them to watch him for us. We are so thankful!

Then we had a nice LARGE dinner at Jackson's. No not my baby...the restaurant Jackson's. It was super delish and I ate way too much.

Hope you also enjoyed my birthday too...(I feel like everyone might relive it since I pretty much told them a step by step itinerary of what I did.)

This picture isn't from my Birthday but wanted to post it because Jackson is now big enough to sit in the little play swing we have outside for him. He wouldn't smile for the picture...or even look at me.
He is also pulling himself up onto everything. I had a dream last night that he started walking because all he does is stand all day!

And here I am...On my 24Th Birthday! Such a fantastic day thanks to my Husband, and all my friends! Thanks everyone who made my birthday extra special.