Friday, February 11, 2011


I think my life is pretty balanced. Well maybe not? I went to our wards relief society meeting last night and the topic was balance in our lives. It was actually really good. They had a panel of women who spoke briefly about their life and how at times it was unbalanced, but how they are now able to balance whats important in their life. I started to think about whats going on in my life...pretty simple to be honest. It's just Jordan and me for the next 6ish months and its been that way for a long time. I have responsibilities but over all my life is not very overwhelming. I simply go to work everyday. Come home and hang out with Jordan. I mean there is the grocery shopping, exercising, cleaning, church callings, scripture time, etc. but we always do that stuff together. Then I started to think okay well pretty much if I'm not working or eating I'm usually sleeping. So maybe my life is a bit unbalanced right now. I have an excuse though so I didn't really count that part into the mix. Well come July we will have a new addition to our family so hows that gonna play out? I keep thinking to myself. Once I stop working I will have so much time to clean my house and make dinner and all that stuff a mom/wife does. Right? Isn't that how it works? Probably not all the time. Right now I feel that with being pregnant all I want to do is sleep. When I have a new born baby I'm still probably just gonna wanna sleep and take care of my baby of course. Man Balance is hard! I never really thought too much about it because life is simple right now. I do know that as long as I keep my Heavenly Father close to me that everything will work out and my life will be balanced. I;m really glad I went to the meeting last night. I wasn't going to go, I totally forgot about it. Jordan volunteered to help in the nursery so I felt that I had to go. I am so thankful though I did. I loved hearing those women's testimonies and how they shared their stories about their unbalanced and balanced lives. I know I needed to hear that to help me in the future.

Oh and I just said how Jordan volunteered to help in the nursery while we were all being spiritually fed...none of the other men showed up that were suppose to help. So he had like 30 kids to himself. Well their was a mom in their for like half the time but 30 kids to 2 people and then just Jordan for the second half! That's crazy! He is gonna be such a good dad! He didn't even complain or anything. I would have never even volunteered, let alone if I did I would for sure complain that I was the only one! Hes so great! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life that wants a family, and is actually really good with kids.

So today I am 17 weeks! yayy one week farther! So happy. This is going to sound really bad but I feel like I have been prego forever! The sad thing is I have only known I've been prego for 7 weeks now! I have so much longer to go! I think the whole being tired all day is what makes it go by so slow. Too bad I can't just sleep through a few months to make the time pass by quicker! I think part of my problem at least for this week is I have worked the opening shift at work so Ive been up at 5am most days this week. And haven't taken naps because I have other stuff that needs to get done.

At work I use to teach a 7am aerobics class. Well it wasn't being very highly attended so we changed it to 6:15am and now its super highly attended. Oh man I know its only 45 minutes earlier but the class is so hard to teach some times. I eventually start to wake up like 10-15 minutes into the class and I feel good, then when it gets over about an hour later I just want to lay my head on my desk. All the members are so nice and asking my how I am feeling and stuff. It's fun that I can talk about it now where as before no one even knew why I was prego. I told a group of women that come to my early morning class on Tuesday and one of them said they thought I was because I am so pale and tired looking. UM! hahaha I wasn't sure if I was suppose to laugh or be offended. This lady has asked me multiple times if I was sick because I looked really pale/tired a lot. Well lets just say its February and I haven't really seen the sun since September and waking up early everyday/ being pregnant does make you look tired. Anyway they were all really happy for me.

Ohhhh one more thing. I promise this is the last thing and I will end this never ending post! I bet no one even reads this far anyway but this is really funny/kinda weird. So I'm at work yesterday. Don't forget I am a fitness specialist at a corporate gym so yes, I work in a gym but it's an older population. The members are mostly in their 30-50's Everyone that has worked at this company has been here for like 25 years. Well not everyone but a lot of people. Their are only a small handful of 20 year olds. Anyway we have locker you know where this is going? Most women are very modest. A lot of them change in the shower stalls. Well yesterday I had just finished cleaning all the equipment and I walk into the locker room to wash my hands and WHAM a really old naked women is standing pretty much by the door talking to another lady like she was fully clothed or something. I mean I know what other women have I have it to. But really we don't wanna see that! I mean I am so happy she is comfortable with her body that she feels she can walk around the locker room butt naked but c'mon lady spare the rest of us! I was trying to hard not to laugh as I was washing my hand. My co-worker was in there also and I couldn't even look at her cause I would have busted out laughing from how caught off guard I was. Now I know this is so common at most commercial gym's or YMCA's but honestly this is the first time I have ever seen this here at our gym. Everyone works together. Isn't that awkward? Seeing your boss or co-worker with no clothes on? Ew haha I hope that doesn't ever happen again.

Okay now I am done with this forever long post! Only 6 1/2 more hours til I can go home and take a nice long nap! Happy Friday everyone!