Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Fun!!!

These are the flowers we got and set cant really see them very well
but there are really cute!!!

We had a very eventful weekend slash Fourth of July. We saw transformers...which we really liked. Jordan's grandparents came to town for the night. They took us to dinner then we played games all night. It was really fun! Then Saturday the fourth we did the Except this time was different. I caught a huge whopper...or as Jordan likes to say RIVER MONSTER!!! it was fun, usually when I go fishing with Jordan I just sit, read, text, anything but fish. But this time I was like what the heck let me try. I caught two baby one then the big whopper came! It was so fun. Then after we came home we went to IF and were planning on going to see the fireworks. Jordan wanted to stop by home depot first so he could get some stuff to make a fishing pole holder (of course he would do that..) Then I saw all the pretty flowers and pot planters and we decided we needed to bring our front porch to life with flowers. After we got everything we wanted I was too excited about my flowers to wait three more hours to see the fireworks. We decided to go home and put them together which took all of 10 min. haha So we just had a low key night at home. It was fun, and relaxing...but now its Monday and back to reality. That okay only three more weeks of school! Yay I can't wait for this semester to be OVER!!!!!

This is the baby fishy I caught..we let him go
he was too cute to keep.

Jordan wanted to hold MY river monster

This is the River Monster.