Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh Baby...Literally

It's True, We're Pregnant! Come July 21st (Or around that date) We will be parents! (CRAZY)

I am 15 weeks along and finally feeling better! I know I am totally not even showing at all in this picture (just a bit chubby) but I am trying to document my progress and growth. So here we go...

So the funny thing is we didn't even find out I was pregnant until I was 10 weeks. I know what your thinking how does that happen? Well in November when I thought I might be pregnant. The test came out negative so I thought oh well my hormones must be off so I just missed that time of the month this month. Nope Wrong. I should have taken more than one test. The week before Christmas I started to feel very very sick. Always thinking I am going to throw up. Nothing sounded good to me except toast. I was sleeping all the time. And ya know the other signs of pregnancy. So after a week of feeling like this and thinking I was pregnant I couldn't wait any longer to find out if I was pregnant or just sick. I was so sick at work the Thursday before Christmas. I went straight to the store after work to pick up a test. I waited until Jordan got home from work to take it....and yep there was a reason I was feeling the way I did...There was a little baby in my belly!!

We were really excited from the beginning. Well actually we both were kind of expecting that I was pregnant so we just looked at each other and thought well...can't go back now. We were heading to Jordan's families house that night for Christmas. So right when we got there my brother-in-law Davaughn had just bought a whole bunch of pizza and asked me if I wanted some. I told him maybe later I don't feel so good. He looked at me and was like ohhh are you pregnant or something..Jordan and I looked at each other and they immediately knew. Ashley and Danie (Jordan's sisters who were there) Started screaming and hugging me. It was fun to see how excited they were for us.

We didn't tell my family until Christmas morning. This is kinda gross but I put the pregnancy test in a plastic bad and put it in my stocking. HAHA gross huh. So when we were opening stockings I pulled it out and I gave it to my sister Carole Ann and asked her what it was. My whole family was so excited and they told us they thought I was because all week I was complaining how sick I felt. But they were nice and let me tell them instead of just asking.

So come July Jordan and I will be parents. I am really excited. It came very quickly but it definitely feels like the right time. I have already been to the doctors twice. I was able to see our little pookey on a sonogram the first visit and hear the heart beat at my second visit. The first week of March we will be able to find out what we are having.

I'm really grateful that I will be able to keep teaching all my aerobic classes. I was worried the doctor was going to tell me it was so dangerous in case I fell or something but she said she thinks its great I want to continue teaching as long as I can. So I will teach all my classes (Step, Hi-Lo, and body sculpt) up until I can't. I have been doing a really bad job of exercising on my own but with my classes I at least get in 4 days of exercise. Now that I am in my second trimester I am feeling so much better and am getting my energy back so I have made it a goal of mine to keep exercising on my own time as well. I know its so much better for me and will make labor better. As for the eating part. Well the first 10 weeks I didn't even know I was prego and I was eating so well. Once I started feeling sick from 10 weeks to now I pretty much ate bread. (Not the best but thats what made me feel better) The good thing is I haven't gained any weight yet. YES. but I'm sure that wont last much longer. That's okay. I am excited to start showing!

I will try to keep the blog updated with everything! Yayyy I'm gonna be a mom!!