Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Packham is a........

Here is our baby cake we did the night before!!!!!!

Was our baby cake right???

It came out Pink!

It was wrong...IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(And yes that is Jordan licking a huge knife....boys)

We were so shocked. Not just because the baby cake said it would be a girl, but we actually thought it was a girl! Right when she told us it was a boy I turned to look to see Jordan's reaction and it was so cute! His jaw dropped and he looked so adorable! You could tell he was so happy to be having a son!

So I loved getting to see our little guy! We were there for about an hour! It was great! He was so active to! Oh my goodness he was squirming around so much. At one point he put his head through his legs. The ultra sound tech was laughing too. It was really funny.

So do you wanna hear some more shocking news. I am only 16 weeks and 2 days! WHAT how did that happen? How were they so wrong on my due date. The OB told me I would be due July 21st, now I am due August 16th. That's a whole month off! So I have to wait a longer to meet our little man!

The good thing is since I was only 16 weeks they want me to come back at 20 weeks to do another sono! Yayyy I get to see my little boy again! They said he was just small so they wanna see him when he is a bit more developed. They said as of now everything looks great and he looks good! They were like we are so sorry you have to come back but I was happy!

We are going to be proud parents of a Baby Boy! Now on to the shopping and name picking!!!