Saturday, November 6, 2010

Singing Out Loud..haha

Okay so Today has been a great day. I got to sleep in, I went and bought all new Mac Make up. I got my eye brows threaded (Ouch but great results) When we got home from shopping I looked over and saw a pair of headphones on our night stand. The ones just like the picture above. I asked Jordan where we got these? He bought them yesterday for the airplane when he goes to Cali tomorrow. I was thinking are you serious you bought a new pair of head phones. Once he explained to me how cool they are and the great price he bought them for I didn't care as much. Then he had me use them. OH MY GOSH we had a blast playing with these. They have a feature on them where it pretty much blocks out all outside noise, and when your music is blasting you really cannot hear anything. So I start singing to the song Animal by Neon Tree's. You know the song right? (Whoa what are you waiting for say good bye to my heart tonight.)

So I am singing that with the head phones on and I cannot even hear myself at all. So I look over and Jordan is smiling and like laughing at me. I was singing so loud cause I couldn't hear myself at all. I don't have exactly the best voice in the world too. I get up and Jordan puts on the head phones and starts singing the song Harder Stronger Faster. You know that song right? Well I starting crackin up because he sounds sooo bad and is so loud. We sang for like an hour different songs and laughing at each other. We eventually pulled out the video camera and recorded us singing so we could hear how great we sounded. Man oh Man I think I should totally go on American Idol. I would be one of the people that they put on just so everyone can make fun of me. haha That's how good I was. Once Jordan got bored of singing and went to watch Football I continued to sing for about a half hour around the house. My sweet husband didn't even tell me to stop singing, just to stop singing so loud!!

Okay so one more thing before I go. When we were at the mall today we stopped in Barns and Noble to look around and I was by the cooking books. Now Don't judge me but I was looking through like every book on the table and I happened to start looking through a cook book called Skinny B-word. It actually has the bword on it though. It's a health cook book and I dunno why I was reading it I just was. It wasn't bad I mean c'mon it was a cook book. So Jordan is downstairs looking at real novels while I'm reading this cook book. Then I hear someone say Hi to me. So I look up and I have absolutely no idea who this person is. I am thinking oh this is probably someone from my ward. I still don't know hardly anyone so he must have recognized me because I spoke late week. So I say hi back and he says to me You are such a cute girl why are you reading a book with that title. Let me remind you that hes older like late 30's early 40's. So I'm like oh my gosh he totally is in my ward and he is going to tell the Bishop that I was reading this cook book. I start telling him this isn't a book about how to become this its a health cook book so its just the title. It really doesn't mean anything. I'm kinda embarrassed that I was reading it so I am waiting for him to say I'm Brother So and So I am in your ward. But nooo Do you want to know what he says next...He goes, "you have really pretty eyes" I seriously stopped and took a step back. I thought to myself "Ew I'm like half this guys age" I close to book, said "Thank you, but I have to go", and walked as fast as I could to the stairs to go find Jordan. I got to Jordan and told him and he was like ohh did that guy scare you. I started laughing and we walked out.
Okay honestly that has never happened to me before, I mean I think the guy was hitting on me but I really don't know. We were walking out of the mall and me and Jordan were talking about it. He was like you probably hurt the guys feelings. Haha I guess I may have because I went from one second smiling to the next second straight face and running away. But he totally went about it in the wrong way. Maybe he built up courage to walk over and say hi but he needs to learn how to pick up girls better. And he should look for Wedding rings too. Just a thought! Weird but we actually had a good laugh.
I went to the bathroom and Jordan was waiting for me. When I came out Jordan was like three ladies came up to me and told me I had a cute hair cut. HAHAHA Wow we must have looked really good today or something. They were ladies about our mom's age. I guess Jordan and I attract the older crowd. Funny stuff. I wish I would have said something witty back to the guy though. Like "man, is that the best you can do." or some line from the movie Hitch. That would have been good. :)