Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 will be a great year!!!

WOW it's January 1, 2010! That's crazy! It will be a great year though. Jordan and I graduate in April, I am going to be an aunt in 4 days, we will move from Rexburg at some point this year. Hopefully April, and Jordan and I will be able to get REAL jobs with our college degrees!! Sounds like a great year to me!! I am very excited for this new year and have lots of new years resolutions that I hope to keep!!

We have had so much fun here in Maryland/ Virginia. We have been playing and laughing and running around and getting our much needed sleep!! The first few days we were here we went to the mall like a million times to get Christmas presents. Then Christmas eve we went caroling with some friends at the nursing home near our home. After that we have a tradition to go to the visitor center to see the lights and hear the sister missionaries sing. It was really pretty and the missionaries sounded great!! We come home and of course what do we do? What the 24 hour marathon of a Christmas Story. Best Christmas movie ever!! Christmas morning was wonderful. It was so great to be with our family and enjoy each other. We were able to skyp with my oldest sister and her husband because they couldn't be here with us due to the baby they are having this Monday!! yayy we are sooo excited for them. I can't wait to be an aunt and hold my little nephew. :)

The Saturday after Christmas Jordan's sisters came and picked us up and we went down to Virginia to be with them for the weekend. We had so much fun, eating lots of junk food, and playing board games. Monday we went to the dentist since we hadn't been before we got married and guess what....Jordan and I have perfect teeth!! Well that's what the dentist said..I think it's just cause we didn't have any cavities. But we were really happy about that! We weren't trying to pay for fillings too! We came back to Maryland on Tuesday and have been laughing even more. Their have been a lot of funny moments! Its been great!

Yesterday for New Years Eve day we went down to D.C. and went to the Spy Museum. I really liked it. It was pretty cool! Jordan thinks he is a spy now so he really liked looking at all the cool gadgets and stuff they used to be a spy. He wants to go into the FBI so he loves that kind of stuff!! We also saw a the wizards center player Brendon Hayword. He were eating in Fudruckers and he came in to eat with his friends but brought food from another restaurant and the manager yelled at him and told him he had to leave. He is like 7 feet tall so he stood up and started talking back to her. haha they got into a little fight and she said she would call the cops, so he just ended up leaving. Jordan thought it was so funny and cool cause he loves basketball and who doesn't like seeing famous people! Also last night our friends Justin and Kristy came over and we played games, and rock band and hung out. Then we watched the ball drop and finally fell asleep!

We have had so much fun on our winter break. I'm not super excited to start school but I am super excited to finish school!! We still have a few more days here to play with our family but it doesn't seem like long enough!! Oh well we will enjoy our new year and hopefully I will blog more, that should be a resolution for this year!! Okay I will post pictures later!!!