Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

Last Thursday my co-worker Lena planned an amazing surprise baby shower for me at work! It was so sweet of her. She asked me on Wednesday if she could get a ride home from work because her parents needed her car. And to thank me she wanted to treat me to frozen yogurt from the cafe upstairs at work. When we walked upstairs there were SO many people sitting in the cafe, and I just happened to know all of them from the fitness center. I honestly just thought they were all eating lunch together....but then a huge SURPRISE came out! I was so taken back I almost started to cry! My face turned bright red and I of course started to get really nervous and sweat! haha that has been a big pregnancy symptom for me is getting reallllly warm and sweating when I talk to people. Anyway that's for a different time. It was so sweet of everyone to come and surprise me like that. I love all the members here at the Westat Fitness Center! They are so good to me, and Jordan and I (and baby) got a lot of great gifts. We are so appreciative of the generosity of other people and thank them so much for helping us! That baby shower totally made my day! I was too excited after work that I couldn't take my usual 3 hour nap. I stayed up and read all the cards again, and looked through all the gifts! It was so fun to tell Jordan and show him all the great stuff we had gotten. My co-worker has lots of pictures I am just waiting for them so hopefully I can post those soon. (I look so gross in all of them because I had been up since 5am and decided I really didn't need make-up or fix my hair that day. and since it was right after I got off of work I am still in my work clothes so I'm wearing a really frumpy outfit.) haha kinda funny actually

This weekend my mom, mother-in-law and good friend Kathleen are throwing me another baby shower. I am so excited and can't wait to see everyone. It's going to be lots of fun. A little less than 5 week and our little boy will be here! I can't wait.

We are moving into our new townhome this weekend. I am so excited because our apartment is so messy from packing. Boxes everywhere!! We won't be moving completely out until the 23rd but at least we can take some stuff down this weekend and clear some room to create more messes. We are also painting the babies room on Friday and finally getting his room set up! It will be a fun project for Jordan and I.

I will make sure to take lots of pictures this weekend to show everyone!