Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Latest With Us

This is my nephew Jonathan. I found this picture on my camera and thought it was so funny. I hope my sister doesn't mind I'm posting it. haha

Well I have yet not blogged for a very long time. Last I told you I got a job. Its going so great, and I love working there. Its a lot of fun. I just found out that I love teaching step aerobics. I was always afraid to teach step because you have to be right on with everything and if you mess up everyone knows but its so fun. I teach the beginner class and its now my favorite class to teach.

I am also teaching a circuit training class, a body sculpt class, an ab class, and a kickboxing class. Its going well. I had my first health consultation on Thursday and my first personalized exercise program also. Its fun to design work outs for people and see how they like them.

Jordan is doing great also. He is working hard, and it seems like the company really wants him to stay once his internship is over. He hasn't been really searching for any other jobs so he will probably stay there until he finds something else. He wants to start applying to government jobs like the FBI, CIA, and others.

Our living situation has been kinda interesting since I got the job. We have been living down in Stafford, Virginia with Jordan's family because its only about 25 minutes from where Jordan works. Well since I have been working up in Rockville Maryland its about an hour away. I have to work 3 days a week early in the 5:45am so I have been staying with my parents in Maryland because its only 15 minutes from where I work. So its kinda annoying because I am in Maryland a few days a week while Jordan is down in Virginia. On the weekends we are in Virginia though. We just need to get our own place. We are trying to find the best deals though so we don't wanna rush into anything. Also its been hard to look since we both work full time. I have been researching online but everything is super pricey. Not like Rexburg when we were all made Hyde Park was going up to $575. haha man I wish that was the case here.

So that's whats been going on with us as of late. My sister and her husband and Jonathan just moved to Virginia Beach and we cant wait to go visit them. Hence they live by a beach so that will get me down whenever I can!! We miss them up here but are super glad they live close enough to visit often.
Carole Ann surprised us this past week and came up for a few days with Jonathan. Jon had to go out on a ship for a few days so she decided to come up. It was a lot of fun playing with Jonathan, going on walks, and being at the pool.

This is our new car that I promised I would put a picture up of.
We really like it. We had a little scare though last week. My neighbor said she heard on the radio the dodge caliber was being recalled for the same reason as the Toyota's were. We researched and we found out it was the 07 model and we have the 09 so we were okay.

And one of our favorite things to do....DUH go out to eat!! Jordan took me to this really yummy Italian restaurant and we got the West Coast pizza. haha it was Hawaiian pizza. It was super good and whenever I look at this picture I want to go there!!!

For Memorial Day we went to Kings Dominion. Its an amusement park over here. It was so much fun. We rode a ton of rides. It was really hot but we didn't care. I didn't take any pictures. I was having too much fun to remember about my camera.
That's what has been going on with us!
We really like it here and I love the HOT weather.
Until next time!!!