Friday, May 20, 2011

I ate a Salad!!

Okay so that is a totally dumb title for this post but I did! I ate a Salad for dinner tonight! And it wasn't a Cafe Rio salad. Haha It had veggies and good stuff in it. I felt guilty because Jordan bought a whole thing of lettuce for me to use and it was about to go bad so I had to use it. It wasn't a bad salad though! I'm super proud of myself. Ever since being prego anything veggie and green was a total turn off to me. I use to eat salads and veggies all the time. That was 60% of my diet! I'm getting my normal eating habits back again. At least I'm gonna try and start eating the way I should. I've def had my moments where all I eat are carbs. Oh well once this baby comes out it is totally back to business!

Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone that I ate a salad today! haha I'm sure a dork. No one is going to care at I guess you can just skip this post.

Baby Update-I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he is doing great! Heart Beat was 150. I asked her about the exercising and making sure I am not hurting myself or the baby. She said everything is good. As long as I'm not feeling pain I am A OKAY! I was relieved to hear that. I am taking it easier than ever but I am happy that I am still able to exercise and have not had any complications with my pregnancy! Only 12 and a half more weeks! So exciting! And so not ready. Well mentally I'm ready (as ready as I can be...) Physically like having all the stuff I need for him soooo not ready! haha But I will get there!

And its FRIDAY!!! Yayy Yayyy Happy Friday Everyone! Do something fun this weekend!