Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Front Row...Heck Yeah!

We went to an O's game last weekend. Orioles vs. Red Sox. It was a good one above was where we originally sat. Really good seats and a great view of the baseball diamond, but then we upgraded to these.....

If you look really closely and know what my parents look like you can see my dad, and mom in the second row. Jenney is down there too but you cant really see her from this picture. This is a picture we took from our original seats two decks above them. (we zoomed in a ton of course)

Our awesome next door neighbor offered us her amazing seats for the Orioles vs Red Sox game. We love going to baseball games especially when we get to sit in there seats. So she got us all tickets and we all went on Saturday night. We were really excited to go, it was a great day and the Red Sox were in town. We root for the O's now since we have lived in Maryland for almost 11 years. We used to root for Boston but then we felt we were betraying our home team!

So this is how it happened...We arrived at Camden yards at about 6:30 for a 7:05 game. We decided we would eat first before the game started. Of course we had to go to Boogs BBQ our favorite spot at Camden yards! So we were walking to go find a table, my dad and Jordan were in front of my mom, Jenney, and me when I hear a lady say excuse me a few times. I turn around and she asked us if it was just us three and I told her that there was two more in front of us and two more coming. She sighed and kinda was like ohh...then my mom asked why? She said oh well my friend isn't feeling well and we are going to go home and we wanted to give our tickets to some one...then she goes on to say they are front row seats right behind home plate!! I was like uhh I'll take them. She didn't want any money or anything she just didn't want them to go to waste. So we took the tickets. I ran over to tell me dad and he was like Oh my gosh seriously. We all obviously wanted to sit in those seats so we decided to be fair....since my dad bought all of us tickets in the first place we decided to take shifts. haha yes only the Premont family would actually split up the time so we can all get a change to sit there. My mom, dad and Jenney took the first shift. Then Jordan and I switched at the top of the 5th inning. Then Carole Ann and Jon came at the bottom of the 7th. And my dad stayed there the whole game.

It was a blast!!! It is a totally different ball game being so close to the players and all! My fav player Nick Markais hit a home run along with Luke Scott and some others! It was pretty cool!

This is Nick...I'm pretty sure we are on first name bases now since I sat right behind him and cheered for him!!!

After the game!