Monday, June 27, 2011


Well it is official we are moving. Not too far though. We are staying in the general area. We found a town home down in Woodbridge,VA. If any of you know that area we are pretty much around the corner from Potomac Mills Outlet mall. The sad thing is we will have to move out of our ward. :( I was sad about this. We tried so hard finding something in our ward boundaries but had no luck. We needed something bigger and not more expensive and that isn't possible in Fairfax county. I will miss our ward so much but we won't be that far away. And I figured that I can still hang out with all the new mom's in the Annadale ward when you all get together. I'll just drive myself and my little man up to you...if you don't mind me intruding. :)

The good news is we did it!!! We found something bigger and less expensive! We will be in a 3 bedroom town home! It's super cute. The neighborhood was build in the 70's so it a bit older on the outside but the inside is newly renovated and it meets our needs. We can move in on July 15th so we are gonna paint the baby's room that weekend! We don't have to be out of our apartment now until the 22nd so we will still be living up in Fairfax until then so I don't have to have such a long commute to work. I am really excited though to finally be able to start on the baby's room. Everyone at work has been asking me if the room is finished and it's really funny to see there face when I say no..I haven't even started. I don't think it will take that long though. Or am I completely kidding myself?