Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time

Its almost Christmas!! I am so excited! I just Love this time of year! My whole family is in town and we just have so much fun together!

This year we will be with Jordan's family on Christmas morning, and mine later that afternoon. Its nice we can be with both sides since we live so close!
Today is my last day of work for the week. My director is letting us go 2 hours early so I only have to work until noon today! Isn't that just amazing! I was so happy when he told us!
The members here at the fitness center have been so kind also. They have been bringing my team gifts like no other! And most of it is food so bring it on! haha Its really funny when they give us like a huge box of cookies, or chocolates or lets see, A Pastry Ring! I def ate most of that! I feel like I shouldn't eat it in the gym so I hide in my office so no one can see me except my co-workers!
I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Thoughts Today...

It snowed 1 inch. Not even that much. So why does everyone decide that since there is some slush outside they don't have to come to work. Because when people don't come into the office this makes my work day very slow and boring. You know why? Cause if people aren't at work...then no one comes to the gym. (The gym that is in their office building that I work at)

I am excited for Christmas. I am finishing up getting the last of the gifts and doing major wrapping tonight!!!

Jordan wants to see Tron tonight. Every movie we go to that he picks out always ends up being really great, but I still don't really wanna see it even though I'm sure I will like it. I'm just being difficult.

I brought a healthy lunch today and I decided to eat the chocolate a member gave us at work instead. I'm still hungry though....hmm more chocolate?

My brother David and sister Laura are flying in tomorrow evening from school for the Holidays! Yay excited to see them!!

Four day work week next week, and 1 day work week the week after! Booya! I have been saving up these days off all year. (or at least since I have been working which is since May)

I am making cupcakes tomorrow! Yummo!

That's all for now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Michael Buble Concert

November 30, 2010 will definitely go on my list of days I will never forget!! I'm sure the people who have been to one of Michael Buble's concerts understand where I am coming from. It was absolutely amazing! Best concert I have ever been to by far. (Ive only been to like 3 others but still) Our seats were AWESOME! I was so happy with them. I mean obviously there were better seats than ours but I was very pleased. Here are some photos of the night! ENJOY
Mommy and me before we left!
Oh yes this is my and Michael together!
My Michael Buble t-shirt! (It says Buble LIVE! & In Person) haha
I totally think he was looking at me here!

This was when he went into the crowed and got on a little stage and sang a few songs. (Home, Hollywood, and some others I can't remember them all)

He really knew how to work the crowd and have a good time! After he came out and sang 2 songs he was reading all the signs people made for him. One little girl in the front row had a sign that said "All I want for Christmas is a hug from you" and she was like 9. He was like really! From me? Ah I think I could do that! And he ran down and gave her a hug. It was really sweet. I was really jealous though. If only I were 9 and was in the front row with that clever sign! Maybe next time! :)

Best Concert Hands Down. He sounded so good live, and sang all the right songs!! If he ever comes to your town GO!!! It is so worth it!! I had a blast and had dreams about the concert that night! It was great!!! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


First off I have to say congrats to the Sherwood Varsity Cheer Squad for taking 1st place at competition!!! This is my little sister Jenney and me after they won 1st place!!!!

Now on to Thanksgiving!!

It was a great day!!! We made a TON of food! There was only 5 of us. We went up to my parents house about half hour north of where we live. It was my mom, dad, sister, and Jordan and I. We had a great time hanging out together and eating til we about popped!

Here is some pictures in no particular order.

This is right before we ate dinner~ Yummo!
My Handsome husband Jordan! (don't even know why he is making a gun with his hands. weird)

Making delicious rolls

Yayyy Its Thanksgiving and I'm wearing a really cute apron!

I had to work this morning at 6am! Do you even know how hard it was to get up that early the day after Thanksgiving! I could barley get out of bed. When I woke up at 5am I felt like I had just eaten dinner still. Eventually it went away.

And do you know how many people came to the gym today. (Remember I work in a corporate gym so its only for people who work with the company we are located at) Okay I'll tell you. From 6am when we open til Noon we had a total of 7 people come in. SEVEN! Then the lunch hour we had maybe 8 total. I left around 2pm and there was NO ONE there! It was the slowest day ever!

Today is also my Dad's Birthday! Happy Birthday DAD!! We had a great evening with the family! We took the fam out to a restaurant over by us in Fairfax called Sweet Water Tavern! Oh my goodness it is so amazing! If you like steak and seafood and awesome fajitas you should most definitely try it out. Oh and if you live near Fairfax, VA. I don't think its a chain. Any who it was fun to go out with everyone!

Micheal Buble Concert is this coming Tuesday! I CANT WAIT!! I have been practicing all his songs so if he calls me up on stage I will know the words! :) This will be a night to remember for sure!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

RoCk ThE rEd!!!

This past Thursday my Awesome neighbor Robin invited me to the Caps Hockey game! She is a huge Capitols fan and took me to my very first Hockey game!! Jordan was out of town so it was nice to have something to do while he was gone!! It was so fun! The Caps won 6-3! And we totally Rocked the Red. Even though I only had a red scarf but I tired at least! I had no clue what was going on the entire game but Robin told me everything that was going on so I felt like a hockey fan too!! I at least knew when to cheer for the goals! haha Thanks Robin I had so much fun with you!!!!
This is Robin and me before the game started. We had to get there for warm-ups! It was cool to watch them before the game!

Something else that is cool is I got to see where my mom and I will be sitting for the Michael Buble concert in a few weeks! I am soo excited because we have great seats!! I will say good job to myself for this because whenever I go to concerts I never have good seats! (Except that time I went to Enrique Iglesias concert in 9Th grade, those were pretty good seats! I could see his mole I was so close)

Jordan got home this morning early early! I felt so bad because he had to take the red eye home and he said he didn't sleep a wink! He came home and slept until 2pm!! He needed the sleep I guess!! I am so happy he is home now!!!

One more thing! Today my little sister Jenney is competing in her very first High School Cheer Competition! I am really excited for her! I even get to go since I like back on the East Coast now!! I haven't been to a cheer competition since I was in high school and I was the one competing!! I saw their competition practice this past week and they are good! Their squad has won the past 2 years in a row so they have a huge target on their back! Their routine is awesome so I know they will do great! And whatever happens happens!


I found some pictures from High School when I competed!! Take a look!!!

This was my Senior year! We got 1st place!

This was also my Senior year at the homecoming football game. Go us!!

This is my two bestest friends and myself at a football game!! They called us the Triangle cause we were always together and there was three of us...haha funny I know!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Singing Out Loud..haha

Okay so Today has been a great day. I got to sleep in, I went and bought all new Mac Make up. I got my eye brows threaded (Ouch but great results) When we got home from shopping I looked over and saw a pair of headphones on our night stand. The ones just like the picture above. I asked Jordan where we got these? He bought them yesterday for the airplane when he goes to Cali tomorrow. I was thinking are you serious you bought a new pair of head phones. Once he explained to me how cool they are and the great price he bought them for I didn't care as much. Then he had me use them. OH MY GOSH we had a blast playing with these. They have a feature on them where it pretty much blocks out all outside noise, and when your music is blasting you really cannot hear anything. So I start singing to the song Animal by Neon Tree's. You know the song right? (Whoa what are you waiting for say good bye to my heart tonight.)

So I am singing that with the head phones on and I cannot even hear myself at all. So I look over and Jordan is smiling and like laughing at me. I was singing so loud cause I couldn't hear myself at all. I don't have exactly the best voice in the world too. I get up and Jordan puts on the head phones and starts singing the song Harder Stronger Faster. You know that song right? Well I starting crackin up because he sounds sooo bad and is so loud. We sang for like an hour different songs and laughing at each other. We eventually pulled out the video camera and recorded us singing so we could hear how great we sounded. Man oh Man I think I should totally go on American Idol. I would be one of the people that they put on just so everyone can make fun of me. haha That's how good I was. Once Jordan got bored of singing and went to watch Football I continued to sing for about a half hour around the house. My sweet husband didn't even tell me to stop singing, just to stop singing so loud!!

Okay so one more thing before I go. When we were at the mall today we stopped in Barns and Noble to look around and I was by the cooking books. Now Don't judge me but I was looking through like every book on the table and I happened to start looking through a cook book called Skinny B-word. It actually has the bword on it though. It's a health cook book and I dunno why I was reading it I just was. It wasn't bad I mean c'mon it was a cook book. So Jordan is downstairs looking at real novels while I'm reading this cook book. Then I hear someone say Hi to me. So I look up and I have absolutely no idea who this person is. I am thinking oh this is probably someone from my ward. I still don't know hardly anyone so he must have recognized me because I spoke late week. So I say hi back and he says to me You are such a cute girl why are you reading a book with that title. Let me remind you that hes older like late 30's early 40's. So I'm like oh my gosh he totally is in my ward and he is going to tell the Bishop that I was reading this cook book. I start telling him this isn't a book about how to become this its a health cook book so its just the title. It really doesn't mean anything. I'm kinda embarrassed that I was reading it so I am waiting for him to say I'm Brother So and So I am in your ward. But nooo Do you want to know what he says next...He goes, "you have really pretty eyes" I seriously stopped and took a step back. I thought to myself "Ew I'm like half this guys age" I close to book, said "Thank you, but I have to go", and walked as fast as I could to the stairs to go find Jordan. I got to Jordan and told him and he was like ohh did that guy scare you. I started laughing and we walked out.
Okay honestly that has never happened to me before, I mean I think the guy was hitting on me but I really don't know. We were walking out of the mall and me and Jordan were talking about it. He was like you probably hurt the guys feelings. Haha I guess I may have because I went from one second smiling to the next second straight face and running away. But he totally went about it in the wrong way. Maybe he built up courage to walk over and say hi but he needs to learn how to pick up girls better. And he should look for Wedding rings too. Just a thought! Weird but we actually had a good laugh.
I went to the bathroom and Jordan was waiting for me. When I came out Jordan was like three ladies came up to me and told me I had a cute hair cut. HAHAHA Wow we must have looked really good today or something. They were ladies about our mom's age. I guess Jordan and I attract the older crowd. Funny stuff. I wish I would have said something witty back to the guy though. Like "man, is that the best you can do." or some line from the movie Hitch. That would have been good. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Thoughts.....

For the past 2 weeks I have tried to post, and then realize I really don't have anything really that exciting to say...then I realized I read everyone else's blog like its the coolest thing ever and its really just their day to day stuff that goes on with them. So lets see what goes on with us day to day?
I just ate all the chocolate peanut butter pretzels that my mom gave us last Saturday..and I don't think Jordan even had one...but hey they almost lasted a week.
Jordan is leaving for San Jose on Sunday. He is attending a conference for work for the whole week. Exciting for him....not so much for me. I'll still be in Virginia...
I am so excited for the Michael Buble concert in a few weeks.
I got some really cute black boots that make me like 4 inches taller. I'm normal height when I wear them. Can I get a woot woot!
I really don't understand how Bristol Palin is still on Dancing with the Stars...I mean really who is voting for her?
Why the Heck was Glee not on this week?
Our calling in the ward is....are you ready for this.... Ward Choir Nursery Leaders. That's what I get for telling the Choir Director that I will not be in the ward Choir. Pretty much we watch every ones kids while they are practicing for an hour after Church. (Last week I let some girl eat 4 cookies opps)
I am so excited for Thanksgiving, Mostly because I get the day off from work. And I do love Sweet Potatoes.
Sometimes I tell my co-worker way to much about my life. She is so sweet to listen. Half of which I probably shouldn't be telling her. We have some good laughs though.
Pillsbury Biscuits are one of the best things I have ever tasted. (yeah that ones in the can that you pop open...delicious)
I really want to coach high school cheerleading. I wanna go back to my old high school and coach. I heard through the grapevine that the position may be opening. The only problem is they take teachers and people in the school system before outside people. I am not in the education system so I would not be first pick. I think I still might try though. You never know!
Alright that will be all for now. I need to go to bed seeing is that I have to get up at 5 tomorrow for work! At least its Friday tomorrow! Yayy Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is Here

Out here in Virginia it is definitely fall. It has been really rainy and cool. I was surprised how quick the temperature dropped. I am ready for fall, and for all the leaves to change. I don't really like the rain though. It was nice for like a day to come home from work and just be lazy but it wont go away. It has been over cast here for a while now. And I must say that it is not fun driving at 5:15am in the pouring rain. Its so dark, I can barley see the lines on the road and its just scary. I go so slow haha and cars are flying past me! They probably think I am an old grandma or something..nothing against old grandma's, then just tend to drive a little bit slower.

So it's finally feeling like fall. I am ready to break out a can of pumpkin and bake something. Although I am trying not to eat sweets. I'm sure I will crack and bake though. I made homemade rolls last week with corn chowder and it was so delicious! The chowder was a cooking light recipe
and it was a huge hit. Well haha by huge hit I mean Jordan and me really liked it.
Work is going really well. I am getting a lot better at teaching Step Aerobics. I also just added a class, boot camp. I haven't taught it before so we will see how it goes. I think it will be fun though. I should act like a marine or something. I'm sure all the members would just love that! Jordan is doing really well at work. They just love him. He designed a whole new website for his company and it is awesome. He is so talented!!
I am nervous for Sunday to come. I am sub teaching Relief Society. I am scared. I haven't taught Relief Society since I was in my singles ward at BYU-Idaho. And it was fun then because your Relief Society are your friends and you know they will save you if you get stuck by answering questions or making comments. I am sure the sisters in my ward will do that also but I am still new to the ward and I hardly know anyone. They are all so much older than me too. I bet I am the youngest one in the Relief Society. I just hope it goes well. Jordan has been helping me a lot with the lesson. I only have to be up there for about 25 minutes though. They take SO long on the announcements and songs. Its kinda funny. And we have Fast Sunday this Sunday so I get to leave time at the end for Testimonies. Thank goodness! Pray for me that it goes well!!!
I am so excited I have Monday off from work. It is my last day off until Thanksgiving. I know most people don't even get days off. I get paid days off and if I don't use em, I lose em! So I picked random days off through the rest of the year. I get this one, then Thanksgiving day off, Then nothing until Christmas, then only three days off before the new year. Gee working is demanding. I am so use to taking off whenever I want, and getting 1 week for Thanksgiving, and 3 weeks for Christmas. Not this year. I am excited for the Holidays though.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Michael. Yes, Michael Buble!

I am going to see Michael Buble November 30th at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.!! Yayy I am so excited. I am going to take my dear mother! We are very very excited. I think we have pretty good seats too! I tried winning tickets on the radio three time but I guess some other lucky girl won them instead! That's okay! Jordan told me even if I didn't win I could still buy tickets, as long as he didn't have to go. haha just kidding. He didn't say that but I think he was thinking that. :) jk ;)

I cant wait til November 30th!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chicago, lost in D.C. and Tow Trucks

Jordan went to Chicago this past weekend for work. He worked all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On Sunday a co-worker and his family that is up in Chicago took him out to see the city. Here are some of the things he saw. He only took a few pictures.

I had to drop Jordan off at the airport really early on Thursday morning because I had to be at work at 5:45am. We get to the airport in plenty of time for me to get to work. We say our goodbyes and I am off to work. So I am driving on the Dullas Toll Road and I am not seeing any signs for 495 North. I call Jordan and I'm like "Hey do you know what exit I am suppose to take?" Hes all no but I'm sure 495 North will come up eventually. At this point its like 5:30am so I am still in good shape. So I keep driving. I call back ten minutes later, "Jordan I am seeing signs for the pentagon, and down town D.C." "Mary, you have gone way to far" Oh crap this is bad. So I get off at the Pentagon/Crystal City exit. No idea where I am, and I need to be at work in 5 minutes. I am freaking out on the phone telling him I have no idea where I am. Long story short I finally found my way back up to 495 and I get to work 25 minutes late...Awesome.

I drove down to Virginia Beach that afternoon to see my sister and her family. I didn't want to stay by myself while Jordan was gone because I didn't have to work on Friday. A nice trip to VA beach would be fun. I get there around 6:15pm and we had a good night hanging out. 7:30am the next morning Carole Ann rips the covers off of me and asks "Where did you park your car??" "In the visitor parking like you told me..." I said. " Its not there!" Oh great, really! All day Friday we are trying to get my car back from the towing company without having to pay. They towed my car in the visitor parking with a visitor pass. It clearly was a mistake. Well Carole Ann's apartment company had given her the wrong visitor parking pass. We were on the phone all day with the property managers to have them pay for their didn't really work. 8:00pm that night we went and got our car. Payed our of our pocket. My sister and her husband will be deducting $125 from their rent due to the lack of help we were able to get from the management company!

Wow what a weekend!!! There were many more events that took place but I will spare you.

I still had a great time with my sisters family. It was a lot of fun and I didn't have to work!

Hopefully this weekend will be eventful too!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Don't you just love 3 day weekends! I sure do! We celebrated Jordan's little sisters Birthday this weekend. Today is her real birthday but all weekend we celebrated! It was a lot of fun!

Friday night we went down to D.C. to a comedy show. We had never been to one before. Julie wanted to do something different for her 21st birthday, so Jordan suggested a comedy show. We went to see Loni Love. She is hilarious. I laughed so hard! There were some stuff that I felt bad because I thought it was funny but it was a bit inappropriate but hey sometimes that stuff is just funny! She is a bigger lady so she made a lot of jokes about food and how she loves all kinds of people because of the great food they make. So that was Friday night.

Saturday was a great day. After we got our cable and Internet hooked up Ashley, Julie and I went out shopping at Tyson's Corner. Tyson's has become my spot. We live just down the road from the mall so I feel like every weekend I go there. I usually don't buy anything but this time I splurged. I think I bought all of Macy's. It was great. Ashley kept picking out the cutest outfits and telling me to try them on. Then I ended up buying all of them! It was fun though I needed some cute fall clothes! After shopping all day we went over to Ashley's apartment for dinner and games!

Today, Monday we hung out with the whole Packham Clan! We went to Cheesecake Factory for Julies Birthday Lunch! I love Cheesecake Factory. I got a yummy veggie sandwich! And the Red Velvet Cheese Cake! We all got different kinds of cheesecake! I feel like I should never eat again! haha you know that feeling! Its like everyday for me...ya know my life story of overeating!

We had a great weekend! Now back to work tomorrow and life again! I live for the weekends! So much fun! I only have to work three days this week! I am super excited! I have Friday off and I am going to go down to Virginia Beach to visit my oldest sister Carole Ann her husband Jon, and her baby Jonathan!! I am super excited. Jordan is leaving for Chicago on Thursday for work and he wont be home until Monday morning! I wanted to go with him but we decided that I would probably get in the way since he is going for work and all I would want to do is play! I didn't want to be home by myself so I'm taking off to see the sister!

Happy Labor Day Everyone!!!

And Happy 21st Birthday Julie!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Photo's

Here's the whole fam bam together again!
We had a great time down in Virgina Beach with everyone! We took these pictures because who knows when we will all be together again with a photographer. We were suppose to take pictures on the beach this year but it poured rain the day we were suppose to take them. Plan B was Carole Ann's house! It worked just fine.

Look at Jonathan's cute smile!!

The girl taking the pictures took a few of Jordan and me cause it was our two year Anniversary that day! They are really casual but I like them. We haven't had a good picture taken together since our wedding day!

So everything is going well with us! We are really excited for the holiday weekend! I love long weekends when I don't have to work! I have a three day week next week because Monday is a holiday and I took Friday off! Jordan is going to Chicago for a business trip so I am going to head down to Virgina Beach again to visit Carole Ann, Jon, and baby Jonathan again!! I'm excited! Jonathan is crawling now! Its so cute!
Here is some exciting news, we are getting Internet at our apartment on Saturday! Yayy finally we don't have to borrow anyone's anymore and barely get a connection!
I can't believe it's already Fall again! But you know what that means! GLEE and all the great shows are going to come back on! I am super excited! Hopefully my work schedule won't interferer with that too much! This year has just flown by! Next thing we know it will be the new year!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's To Us

Here is to you Jordan! Happy two years!
I am so thankful to have spent the last two years with you.
I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.
Happy Anniversary my Love!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August...So Far

Okay okay remember how I said I would post more often..well this is more often. We don't have Internet yet at our apartment so it is a bit harder to post. I am still planning on posting pictures of our new place...I just have to take them first. We don't have any cool decorations up yet so I am kind of waiting for that to happen before I show the world where I live. :)
August has been good to us so far. Its already gone by so fast. Where is the time going? The first weekend in August we met Carole Ann, Jon, and my dad at the temple followed by a great lunch at Chipolte. We had a great time hanging out with the family and playing with baby Jonathan.
Last weekend we met some friends (Kristy and Justin) up at the temple and went to Mongolian BBQ afterwards. Oh how I love that place. I could eat there everyday! Once we finished with that Jordan and I tried to find Costco...lets just say don't go to Costco in downtown Arlington. Our GPS was taking us in circles. Literally we pasted the pentagon about 5 times. We finally found it and remember how we are in down town..well parking at Costco is the same as parking to walk to a memorial. Lets just say that turned into about an all day event! It was fun though...and I got my frozen yogurt that I always have to have when we make a Costco trip!
This weekend my brother David is coming. He will be here for the next two weeks. Were really excited to see him. I haven't seen him since graduation back in April. We are going to go down to VA beach next weekend to play! I finally get a few days off from work. Yayyy I love getting paid not to work!
by the is going great. I have been teaching the step class. I am def not the best stepper but it is coming along pretty well. There are definitely up and down weeks with that class but it has been getting better every time. I just hope in the future I can look back at this time and laugh! It can only get better right? Lets hope!
So here is what I will be blogging about in the next few weeks. Since I am blogging about blogging I will be updating more often!
1. David coming
2. Beach trip
3. Our 2 year anniversary
4. New apartment pictures
Okay now I am holding myself to this!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Whole Month of July..opps

Well I have to say I did it again. I didn't post anything for the longest time. Ever since I started working full time I forgot all about my blog!! It wasnt until my friend/old roommate Ashley told me I needed to update my blog more often! haha she is right! I do! And thats what I am doing Now. I don't have a ton of pictures up yet. The few I have will do for now though! This post is going to be the entire month of July. I can't even remember back into June. Im pretty sure all I did was work. Nothing that special! We have had some fun times though this month! Where do I Begin?
4th Of July: For the 4th we spent the weekend up at my sister-in-law's place in Reston VA. We stocked up on so much food and had a great weekend! Danie came into town on July 1st so it was great to have her here with us. Some of the things we did were canoeing, eating, watched fire works, had a BBQ, took naps, ate some more, went to see Eclipse, and watched Ashley and Devoughn run a 4th of July race!
Danie's Birthday: Danie celebrated her birthday with us at the beach! We went down to Virginia beach for the weekend. It was great because not only did we get to relax on the beach but we got to see my older sister Carole Ann, Jon, and baby Jonathan! It was fun to see them and hang out! I hadn't been to the beach in 2 years so it was a much needed trip. I got very very sun burned and it was very hard to teach my abs class because I couldnt lay down on my back. haha my class understood though! Danies birthday cake was so big we ate it the entire weekend. I am still pretty sure there is still some at the Packham's house. We should probably throw that away now!

Melanee, Danie, Jordan, and Ashley at the Reston Town center
on the 3rd watching a concert some jazz people put on!

Don't you just love his outfit. haha boys...

All of us at Ashley's house. Davoughn is taking the picture
thats why he is not in it!

Danie and her yummy cake we ate all weekend!

All of us together! So Fun!

Another exciting thing that is happening this weekend is we are finally moving into our own apartment. We have been living with our families for the past 3 months. Jordan has been extened a job offer at the same company he is interning at. We were so excited that they wanted to keep him. I mean who wouln't he is so talented at what he does! We move in this weekend. We will be living in Fairfax. It is about half way inbetween both our jobs. No more waking up super early to get to work on time, and no more being seperated durign the week so I don't have to drive an hour and a half to get to work.
I will try my hardest to post more often! Also once our apartment gets set up I will post pictures so everyone can take a look at our new home!!
Well thats all for now!
(Hope you liked it Ash!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Latest With Us

This is my nephew Jonathan. I found this picture on my camera and thought it was so funny. I hope my sister doesn't mind I'm posting it. haha

Well I have yet not blogged for a very long time. Last I told you I got a job. Its going so great, and I love working there. Its a lot of fun. I just found out that I love teaching step aerobics. I was always afraid to teach step because you have to be right on with everything and if you mess up everyone knows but its so fun. I teach the beginner class and its now my favorite class to teach.

I am also teaching a circuit training class, a body sculpt class, an ab class, and a kickboxing class. Its going well. I had my first health consultation on Thursday and my first personalized exercise program also. Its fun to design work outs for people and see how they like them.

Jordan is doing great also. He is working hard, and it seems like the company really wants him to stay once his internship is over. He hasn't been really searching for any other jobs so he will probably stay there until he finds something else. He wants to start applying to government jobs like the FBI, CIA, and others.

Our living situation has been kinda interesting since I got the job. We have been living down in Stafford, Virginia with Jordan's family because its only about 25 minutes from where Jordan works. Well since I have been working up in Rockville Maryland its about an hour away. I have to work 3 days a week early in the 5:45am so I have been staying with my parents in Maryland because its only 15 minutes from where I work. So its kinda annoying because I am in Maryland a few days a week while Jordan is down in Virginia. On the weekends we are in Virginia though. We just need to get our own place. We are trying to find the best deals though so we don't wanna rush into anything. Also its been hard to look since we both work full time. I have been researching online but everything is super pricey. Not like Rexburg when we were all made Hyde Park was going up to $575. haha man I wish that was the case here.

So that's whats been going on with us as of late. My sister and her husband and Jonathan just moved to Virginia Beach and we cant wait to go visit them. Hence they live by a beach so that will get me down whenever I can!! We miss them up here but are super glad they live close enough to visit often.
Carole Ann surprised us this past week and came up for a few days with Jonathan. Jon had to go out on a ship for a few days so she decided to come up. It was a lot of fun playing with Jonathan, going on walks, and being at the pool.

This is our new car that I promised I would put a picture up of.
We really like it. We had a little scare though last week. My neighbor said she heard on the radio the dodge caliber was being recalled for the same reason as the Toyota's were. We researched and we found out it was the 07 model and we have the 09 so we were okay.

And one of our favorite things to do....DUH go out to eat!! Jordan took me to this really yummy Italian restaurant and we got the West Coast pizza. haha it was Hawaiian pizza. It was super good and whenever I look at this picture I want to go there!!!

For Memorial Day we went to Kings Dominion. Its an amusement park over here. It was so much fun. We rode a ton of rides. It was really hot but we didn't care. I didn't take any pictures. I was having too much fun to remember about my camera.
That's what has been going on with us!
We really like it here and I love the HOT weather.
Until next time!!!