Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Is Here!!!

I am so excited that it is already October!! The first month of school has gone by so fast, I hope it doesn't stop!! School is busy busy busy!! Its great though. I actually am enjoying this semester! Last semester I couldn't wait for it to be over. This semester is fun and hard at the same time. My health appraisal class is awesome. I get to have a client and help that person develop an exercise program and help her eat well and hopefully by the end of the project there will be a weight loss. I really like this class because this is actually what I want to do with my major. I want to help people change their life and meet their fitness and nutrition goals!! I get to work one hour a week volunteering in the wellness center on campus where I take peoples blood pressure, body composition, Vo2 max, muscular strength and endurance. Its pretty cool!

Jordan is enjoy the semester also. He is super duper busy! He has a lot of computer classes that he has big projects for. He is super smart so its a breeze for him. Well I don't know if its a breeze but I never hear him say his homework is too hard. So I just assume its easy peezy lemon squeezy. :)

We are very excited for October 23rd because we will get to see my dad, sister, brother, and brother in law down in Utah! That's only like 3 weeks away!! SWEET. I haven't seen my big sister and brother in law since Christmas and she is prego now so I am super happy I get to see her all cute and prego. She is due January 11, 2010 so she has a little more to go but def the cutest pregnant sibling in the Premont family...oh ya she is the only pregnant sibling in the Premont Family.

Well I just wanted to update the blog. I don't have any pictures because nothing has really happened where pictures were necessary. If we do something worth while I will bring the camera and post pictures.