Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jackson is 1 month, his first bath, and trip to D.C.

I am way behind on blogging. We have been busy as of late. Here is what has happened in the past few weeks. Jackson turned 1 month old! (tomorrow he will be 6 weeks..see how behind I am) He finally had his first bath. It took forever for his cord to fall out. And Jordan's uncle came to visit us and we spent lots of time in D.C. and hanging out with the Packham family.

We had such a great time with them. Jordan had 3 days off work plus the weekend. It was awesome having Daddy around! Jackson also did so great out and about. I had never really taken him anywhere for longer than an hour. We spend 2 days downtown and he was such a great little boy. He only got fussy on the way home. I would sing to him in the car and we figured out that he really likes Taylor Swift "Our Song" I don't know all the words but the first verse and chorus he really liked!

Last week I also got cleared to exercise again. I have been working out with my good old pal Jillian. :) My doctor says that my scar is beautiful. haha she can't believe how well I healed. It is already starting to fade. YAY She said she was going to have to take all the credit for that...which is fine she was the one that did the surgery.

So that is a little bit with what is going on with us.
Jackson is napping and that means I should too.
Enjoy the pictures!

Big Stretch

Jackson is 1 month old!!!

First time in a big boy tub. No more sponge baths. Thank goodness. It only took 4 weeks for his cord to fall out.

Jackson and Daddy after bath time!

MLK memorial


Jackson is pointing to the Washington Monument here because there were guys hanging off of it looking for cracks in the monument from the earth quake a few weeks ago. Can you see them on there?

Look what I can do!

Jordan and David at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial