Saturday, November 13, 2010

RoCk ThE rEd!!!

This past Thursday my Awesome neighbor Robin invited me to the Caps Hockey game! She is a huge Capitols fan and took me to my very first Hockey game!! Jordan was out of town so it was nice to have something to do while he was gone!! It was so fun! The Caps won 6-3! And we totally Rocked the Red. Even though I only had a red scarf but I tired at least! I had no clue what was going on the entire game but Robin told me everything that was going on so I felt like a hockey fan too!! I at least knew when to cheer for the goals! haha Thanks Robin I had so much fun with you!!!!
This is Robin and me before the game started. We had to get there for warm-ups! It was cool to watch them before the game!

Something else that is cool is I got to see where my mom and I will be sitting for the Michael Buble concert in a few weeks! I am soo excited because we have great seats!! I will say good job to myself for this because whenever I go to concerts I never have good seats! (Except that time I went to Enrique Iglesias concert in 9Th grade, those were pretty good seats! I could see his mole I was so close)

Jordan got home this morning early early! I felt so bad because he had to take the red eye home and he said he didn't sleep a wink! He came home and slept until 2pm!! He needed the sleep I guess!! I am so happy he is home now!!!

One more thing! Today my little sister Jenney is competing in her very first High School Cheer Competition! I am really excited for her! I even get to go since I like back on the East Coast now!! I haven't been to a cheer competition since I was in high school and I was the one competing!! I saw their competition practice this past week and they are good! Their squad has won the past 2 years in a row so they have a huge target on their back! Their routine is awesome so I know they will do great! And whatever happens happens!


I found some pictures from High School when I competed!! Take a look!!!

This was my Senior year! We got 1st place!

This was also my Senior year at the homecoming football game. Go us!!

This is my two bestest friends and myself at a football game!! They called us the Triangle cause we were always together and there was three of us...haha funny I know!