Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I'm Lovin Right Now

I have been looking online lately at baby stuff. We haven't picked out most of our big stuff yet, like a stroller, carseat, and oh yeah What the room will look like. We will be moving to a bigger apartment so I can't actually start decorating a room for him until then. But looking online to get ideas is always fun. There are some extravagant nursery rooms out there. I mean they are babies they don't even care. I like the more simple look, but still very cute. And here are some other thing that I have my eye on.

I love this diaper bag. My big sis has this brand of diaper bag and it just seems so much cooler than all the others. Probably because she has it :) I really like this print though!

We already got a snug rider for the carseat to go into for a quick easy stroller. And its greco brand so I need to get a greco car seat. I thought this was cute. I mean I really haven't looked to hard at carseats, the more I look I dunno if I like it as much anymore.

I really want a jogger too. They are so cool! I probably won't be getting this one. It's a B.O.B and I dunno if Jordan will let me. Maybe I can find someone selling one in good condition still!

Okay I thought these Owls were so cute. haha They are little pictures you hang. Maybe I can decorat a room around these owls. Who know? haha but I just like them.

This weekend there is a Baby Bazarr and I think I might go. It's a big flea market of baby stuff. People sell used/new things. I think it would be fun to go and see what deals I can get! If the weather is good I think I might stop by and see how it is.