Thursday, March 31, 2011

He Is Still a Boy!!!!!

I had my second sonogram yesterday. They wanted me to go back in for a second look because he was only 16 weeks when I went the first time and they wanted to see a better look. First things first...he is still a boy! Yay I'm happy we had a double check on that. This time the sono was really weird. I had a different lady that was doing it and she was really really I mean REALLY hard to understand. I had to ask her like 1 million times what she was saying. She finally said "You don't understand me very well." I wanted to say well yeah your accent is so thick I don't know if you are speaking English. But I didn't say that I just smiled and laughed uncomfortably.

The first girl that we went to was so awesome. Obviously Jordan and I had no idea what we were looking at on the screen so she would explain to us everything. This lady just kind of did her thing. I kept having to ask her what we were looking at and then it took me like three times to understand what she was saying. And she really didn't show us our little guy. For like 1 second she showed us the profile and then he put his hand over his face so she decided we didn't really need to see him anymore I guess.

All the measurements came out on track this time. So they didn't change my due date again thank goodness! He was 11oz. If she told me the length I didn't understand her so I'm not sure about that one. He was a lot bigger this time than a month ago. Even though I was kind of...or a lot disappointed about the appointment I am just very thankful everything looked and is normal. He is growing properly and we are both doing well! I was just really excited to see him and then I didn't really see him...or at least it didn't look like him. I was comparing the pictures from a him at 16 weeks to him at 20 and there definitely is a size difference but honestly I like the 16 week pictures better. They are just better shots of him and stuff. The 20 week ones some of the ones she gave us I have no idea what it is a picture of. She didn't label all of them so some are just blobs. haha kinda funny I guess.

Anyway I keep trying to take a picture of my belly and I just can't get a good picture I like. I will try again. I keep looking at my face in pictures (b/c of what that lady said to me) and I get self conscious and don't want to post anything.

We go to FL next week so maybe I will get an awesome picture then and post that. Or maybe I will try this weekend to get a good picture. I'll do my best. but can't make any promises.

YAYYYY FLORIDA IN 6 DAYS!!!!! I am so excited! Bring on my Tan PLEASE!