Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maternity Photos

We took some maternity photos a few weeks ago. It was fun...really hot outside but we had a good time. Here are some shots that I liked. Enjoy!

Baby Update: I had my 34 week check up yesterday. Everything is great. His heart beat is still strong and I am measuring normal. There was some question at my 32 week apt that he might be breech so they took a quick ultra sound and his head is down so we are ready to go! The doctor told me I should keep teaching my classes/exercising as long as I can. As long as I am not having preterm contractions or bleeding she thinks I should keep it up. She said my labor will be that much easier...thats what I am going for!

4th of July: We had a great 4th. We went down to D.C. with my family. Usually it is a nightmare getting in and out of DC but it really wasn't that bad. We only like 10 miles outside of the city but still we found parking just fine. Only a few blocks from the Capital which was where we watched the show and fireworks. There were lots of stars preforming for the Capital show. Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shoe from GLEE) Jordan Sparks, Mark Ballas and Cheslsea Hightower (Dancing with the stars) Steve Martin...and more I just can't remember all of them. It was fun and the fireworks were beautiful. Half way during the firework show Jordan looked at me and asked me if I had his wallet. I told him no and we started to panic. We knew he had it when we were watching the show because he took it out to give his sister some money. We were searching our area like crazy. My mom, dad, sister, his mom, and sisters were all looking everywhere. I mean it's dark, and there are people everywhere. Then his sister Danie says are you sure it's not in your pocket. And I felt his side pocket on his cargo shorts and there it was....JORDAN! We were all relieved but couldn't believe it was just in his pocket! So Check you pockets next time hubby.