Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday April 16, 2010

Here's some pictures from graduation!!

Waiting to start convocation! We had front row. Good thing I graduated with Jordan!

Yay we did it!

The sign tells all

The Premont clan

Mom and Dad with the Graduate
I didn't take any pictures of packing because I thought I was going to rip my hair out! Thank goodness for my mother in law, mom, and grandma. With out them I think I would still be in Rexburg trying to pack everything up!!!!

And our road trip begins.....
(I took this picture when we were going through the mountains in Idaho)
So we left Rexburg Sunday the 11Th around 1pm...we left about 4 hours later than we wanted to but that's okay. My parents got us a GPS for our graduation present, and they also didn't want us getting lost on the way out to Virginia. (we took 80 the whole was kinda hard to get lost) but the GPS was amazing because it tells you the restaurants that are around and hotels. Usually we just stop somewhere quick to eat and get back on the road but since we had the GPS we decided to go places we have never been. It was great!
The first night we stopped in Laramie WY. It was so funny cause we wanted to stay somewhere cheap, but not feel like we were going to get murdered in the middle of the night. Where did Jordan pick to stay? The Gas Lite Inn. Now I had never seen one of these but this was a one of a kind. I wish I took a Picture. It was so late and I was so tired I didn't even care. But lets just say The outside looked like a log cabin, and it had statues of Cowboys and Indians. There was 10 cats inside the room where you check in, and Pocahontas was on our wall staring at me....haha it was clean though and the bed was comfy so I didn't really mind :)
The second day I wanted to get far cause we had an earlier start. Driving sure makes you tired...I haven't figured out why though all your doing is sitting. Its all that concentration I guess. We were driving through Nebraska which is the LONGEST state ever! We decided to stop for lunch somewhere that I cant pronounce in Nebraska and since we had our handy dandy GPS we used it. So I wanted something fresh and on the GPS Heavenly Homemade Sandwich came up and that was what I wanted. I cannot express enough how amazing this place was. The bread was homemade (hence the homemade part in the name) and it was so delicious. It was by far the best turkey sandwich I have ever had. yum yum I want one right now. (even though I just ate lunch it was not nearly as good as this Heavenly Homemade Sandwich) After my delicious amazing yummy sandwich we got back on the road and made it to Omaha where we stooped for the night. The next day we made it to Indiana and then the last day we drove 12 hours to Virginia. The car ride really wasn't that bad. Jordan let me drive a lot so I would complain about being bored. What a smart cookie! Now that were here we have just been unpacking and getting settled. I love the weather here its so warm and humid I LOVE it! I'm def going to miss everyone in Rexburg and we better all keep in touch!!!!