Saturday, May 29, 2010

I have a job!!!

Well can I just tell you how busy I have been. I was extended a position last Friday as a Fitness Specialist for a company called Corporate Fitness Works!! I interviewed for this position the whole month of may. I had three interviews and finally they extended the position to me. We were so excited!! Now since Jordan works in Springfield, and I work in Rockville Maryland we were in a bit of a pickle when it came down to the car...So we got a new one!!! Yayyyy We went car shopping all day last Saturday and picked out a car. Its a Dodge Caliber and I just love it!! Its sorta like a mini SUV. It gets good gas mileage and it was in our price range. I started work on Monday. I was getting trained to I had to go to all of our fitness centers in the region. I went to Sprint Center in Reston, VA then I went to Census in Suitland, Maryland. Then finally I went to Westat in Rockville Maryland where I will be staying for now on. It has been really fun so far. Now I'm sure you are all wondering what does a fitness specialist do? Well I will tell you...

Our company contracts with other companies. For example I am working at Westat which is a Research company. All the employee's of Westat can join our fitness center which is located in there office building. So I teach classes, do personalized exercise programs, health consultations, health interviews, health promotion programs, everything to get them ready to join our facility. I work with two other fitness specialist and we pretty much run the center and keep everything up so its looking nice and all that other great stuff. Its really a fun job. I get to do exactly what I wanted! My favorite classes in school are the ones that prepared me for this job. I was thinking right after I received the position how much BYU-Idaho prepared me for the real world. I had so many opportunities to get real world experience. During the interview process they asked a lot of questions related to experiences that I have had in the Health field. Luckily BYU-Idaho gave me all of those experience that I was able to tell them about. I am so thankful that I was able to go to a University that allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone and have to be the leader many times in my college career. I'm pretty sure I complained about it often but now looking back if I didn't have those experiences I probably would not have this job.

Anyway so Jordan and I are doing great!!! Traffic is kinda annoying but I get to drive a cute car! :) that makes up for it! haha

So that's my update for now. Hopefully we will be doing something fun for Memorial Day and I can post about that. We haven't really made plans yet. Oh yeah and I will post some pictures of our new car soon!