Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Weekend

So this weekend was Super fun!!! We actually did something other than homework. I was able to get all my homework for the weekend done on Friday. It was awesome. So Friday night we decided we wanted to carve a pumpkin so we went and got one. Obviously when picking out a pumpkin you have to find the perfect I was looking for the roundest, the orangest then my wonderful husband insited we get this green one....because it was different and has character I guess? haha hes so funny, so we ended up getting not the orangest...but it was pretty round. After carving our pumpkin we watched the proposal. I love that movie it is so funny. I laughed so hard even though I have already seen it before. I made a big bowl of pop corn and we just had a great time together!!!

Saturday was another fun day. Of course I woke up early and headed to the gym. When I got home Jordan was still sleeping. He needs his beauty rest. :) Jk we did a little bit of homework and then we went out to Idaho Falls. We walked around the green belt got some lunch and just relaxed. It was a beautiful day. We had stake conference Saturday night as well. After stake conference I decided I was going to make my own pumpkin puree for some pumpkin bread. Now I didn't just randomly decided to make pumpkin puree, I have been wanting to do this for a while. Someone at work told me about a great website. ( and I found that there was a recipe for pumpkin puree and I thought it would be fun to try. Wow its a lot more work than opening a can. Its not really hard cause all you do is roast the pumpkin and puree it. But number 1: I don't have great knifes for cutting pumpkin, and 2: I don't have a food processor so I used a potato masher. I tired using my blender but it was taking forever. So I just put some elbow greece into it and got the job done myself. Let me remind you I didn't start this project until 9pm and I also decided I would make bread and muffins also. I got finished around 11:30. It was a lot of fun, I will probably never do it again...well maybe if someone buys me a food processor (hint Christmas hint) I was actually thinking as I was making the puree "I will never do this again.." But then I tasted the bread and decided once I get better knifes and a food processor I'll do it. I am not sure if it was the bread recipe that was so good of if the fresh pumpkin made it that good? I just love pumpkin bread canned or fresh hands down. It was a fun activity and Jordan loves to eat so it was a win win situation. Oh ya and my kitchen kinda looked like a pumpkin bomb went off!!

I am really excited for Halloween. I don't think because its the holiday that I love, but because that means only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving break, and then three more weeks until the semester is over! This coming weekend my dad and older sister Carole Ann and her husband Jon are flying out to Utah so were gonna go down. I will be taking pictures for sure and will definitely post something after that. I'm trying to be better about posting more often. I look at everyone elses blogs and then I look at mine and its so boring compared to others. So I'm working on it! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

we put a candle in it just for this picture
I would feel bad if I burnt all four apts that are
connected to we blew it out after we
took the picture.

haha i thought this was funny.

Ended the night with popcorn and the proposal
(Jordan thought it would be cute to have popcorn
in his mouth while I took the picture...)
The beginning of the project....

After they were roasted...the house smelled so
getting ready to mash

I decided to freeze the leftovers...i probably wont
do this again for a loooong time!

and let me tell you...they were good