Friday, December 18, 2009

It's finally feeling like Christmas

Yes, school is done, work is done (til January), and were going home in 2 days!! That means instead of thinking about all of the crazy school work I have to get done, I can start thinking more about Christmas!! I am so excited and happy that I get to see my family in two days! My mom called today and said that they are suppose to get a huge snow storm starting tonight sometime and its suppose to snow 14-20 inches between now and Sunday!! That's crazy, Maryland and VA hasn't gotten that much snow for so long! I hope it doesn't affect our traveling. We leave Sunday morning at 10am and I want to get into Maryland at the intented time 4pm! Last Christmas we got stuck in Las Vegas for ever because their was a lot of rain in California and that's where our plane was coming from! It took forever to get home. I don't want that to happen again. So we will be praying that the snow doesn't affect our travels!!!

I am so happy that I am done with all my classes. I really enjoyed them all this semester. I learned a lot and grew a lot too, but I was getting a little tired of assignment after assignment and test after test! It was time for a break, and this break is much needed. All I can think about is relaxing at home with family and friends who we haven't seen in over a year!! It will be too bad that my oldest sister and her husband wont be able to come up due to their son coming in a few weeks. But we still love them and will miss them very much. I know we will be thinking about them for sure!!!

So only one more semester for Jordan and I! YES that means graduation is almost here and freedom. haha I don't know why I think that life is going to get easier once we finish school! I am just very excited to move to a new place and start somewhere else a new chapter. Jordan is still on the search for internships. He has been doing a lot of applications and he hopes to stop by some places in DC when we are home to talk to them personally! Hopefully that will get him in somewhere!Well that's all for now, I will be updating soon so I can tell everyone about our trip and how much fun we have. Ill take pictures too, I always like reading blogs when there are pictures to look at. Its so much fun!! okay until next time!!!