Saturday, March 12, 2011


I really haven't had too many cravings during my pregnancy so far. EXCEPT for Slurpee's! Oh my gosh this is all I drink. (well water too) but honestly I have at least 3 a week! haha and I get the big size like the kind in this picture! They are so yummy and satisfying.

I still don't really want anything healthy though besides fruit. I like pizza and Slurpee's. That is my favorite meal I think. I really wish I wanted salads and chicken but chicken still makes me feel sick and salads just don't sound good. I'd rather eat pizza.

Someone at work told me I looked prego in my face not my stomach.....awesome. Probably because I drink slurpees and eat pizza. I guess I brought it on myself. But still you don't have to tell me that! I mean c'mon sensitive pregnant women here!

Maybe I'll post a picture of me soon. I'm 18 weeks now. I'll have to decide because I'm kinda self conscious of my face now.