Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving Break.....

So I know I haven't posted in so long but my camera wont let my pictures load onto my computer. I hate posting when I have no pictures to show. But I didn't even get to blog about halloween or anything! Oh well I feel like I can't even blog about that now because it was like a month ago. Its Thanksgiving next week and we are so excited for break!! Only two more days until we get a week off of school!! I am so excited. I have been doing lots of homework to get ready for our great Thanksgiving vacation. Here is the plan so far...

Sunday: Leave for Utah. Spend time with my brother David and hang out
Monday: Drive to VEGAS!!! yesssssssss were going to Vegas for three days Monday-Thursday we will be playing in Vegas.
Thursday: TURKEY DAY!!! Drive to Cedar City and spend Thanksgiving with Jordan's Grandma, sister, mom, aunts, uncles, and anyone else...I'm not really sure who's gonna be there. As long as there is Turkey then I'm there!! haha
Friday: who knows but def eat left overs and maybe go shopping?
Saturday/Sunday not sure but start our journey back to the great place of Rexburg

Wow what a week! I cannot wait! We are staying at the stratosphere this time we will be in Vegas and Jordan really wants to ride the roller coaster at the top! That looks so scary. We will see if I do it!! If anyone has any fun things they know to do in Vegas that are not too expensive let me know! Well I hope my computer will stop being dumb next week so I can load our pictures of our adventure!!!