Sunday, January 31, 2010

this was suppose to be posted a long time ago....

These pictures were suppose to be posted about a month ago..but I guess better late than never right? These are just some pictures of our trip home to Maryland, and Virginia for Christmas. Enjoy!

Jordan with his sister Julie and her boyfriend Carlin

Sisters! Jenney and me at our friends wedding!

Christmas eve at the temple!

This is the gingerbread house we made!!! It actually
turned out looking good! usually our families gingerbread
houses are terrible!!


Things have been going well for us here in Rexburg. Lots of snow, homework,work, and everything else that consumes our life! We are enjoying our last semester and cant wait for spring to come! Jordan is still looking for an internship. As of now everything is up in the air as of what will happen in April if we graduate. Hopefully we will move but who knows we could be in Rexburg for the summer. We will just have to see!
Jordan's Birthday is tomorrow! We pretty much celebrated his birthday this weekend. We figured we wouldn't have a lot of time on Monday to do stuff because were in school and have work, and 24 is on!!! We decided to go out to dinner Saturday night. I wouldn't let him open his presents yet though. That has so wait til Monday! Opps I forgot to buy candles for his birthday cake!! I guess I'll be making a quick trip to the store tomorrow!!